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A First Time For Everything - S1:E9

Gorgeous blonde Lilly Banks is new to extreme shootings, but she knows she needs to have Danny Mountain when she spots him lounging outside. She lets go of her bikini top and gets up on top of her partner, eagerly putting his pulsating erection in her mouth and giving him a fantastic blowout. Danny repays Lilly's kindness since he is so impressed with her proficiency with the tongue. He helps Lilly to her hands and knees, and after she's wet and ready for him, he licks and suckles her shaved pussy. He surprises her by still eating her alive when she turns over on her back to welcome him inside of her! Danny stretches down behind Lilly on the outside couch when she's ready for sex, spooning with her as he pushes his rock-hard cock into her inviting heat. After a few minutes of spending time in that close-knit pose, Lilly gets back on her hands and knees and exposes her gorgeous ass to her partner, allowing him to enter her from behind. Lilly discovers that her limbs are unable to support her as her climax rolls through her, and her groans announce how wonderful the deep penetration feels. Lilly rolls onto her back, allowing her lover to continue enjoying himself from her intimate area. He pulls out of Lilly's warm sheath as he approaches the brink of his climax and pumps himself dry over her constricted stomach.

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Kay Lovely, a popular social media personality, seeks help from Quinton James to maintain her following. When Quinton arrives, he is surprised to find Kay's bikini and agrees to help. However, Kay is disappointed to learn that Quinton is all her tits and asses. After a heated exchange, Kay agrees to have Quinton in her bedroom, where they engage in sexual activities. Quinton then impales Kay's thigh, causing her to groan and groan. Kay eventually collapses onto her back, and Quinton obliges, plunging himself into her and blowing his load all over her large tits.
In The Deep End - S44:E13
Tory Sweety, dressed in a bikini, gets a smooth tan by applying oil to her skin. She then enters the pool for sensual fun with her lover Ralf Christian. Ralf is observing her and creates a bond between her lips. Tory pulls down Ralf's trunks to release his stiffie, and they both want a deep blowout. Ralf pulls Tory into his lap, allowing her to impale herself on his hardon. Tory eagerly gets her pussy filled, and Ralf spoons her a velvet glove, allowing her to go balls deep. Tory climbs on Ralf's fuck stick and has one last stiffie ride.
Tight Fit - S14:E5
Boy / Girl
Jovan Jordan waits outside to be wooed by blonde hottie Summer Carter, who wears fishnet stockings, a matching bra, and a thong. Summer drops her man's cock and takes Jovan out on a massage table. Jovan takes Summer's position, rolls the thong down her legs, and kneels into her hairless pussy. He continues to kiss her until he dips his cock into her twat. As Summer's snatch gets hot, Jovan takes her to pleasure town, and Summer is thrilled to repay the favor by sucking in luscious sperm from Jovan's pulsating dick.
Real Passion - S18:E1
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Pristine Edge and Bambino return to their apartment after their date and engage in passionate cocksuckling. Bambino discovers Pristine is naked, worshiping her hairless twat and licking and suckleing her tender areas. Pristine eagerly cocksucks Bambino's dick, igniting their passion. She then hops onto an outdoor couch, enjoying Bambino's lusty pussy feast before he positions his head at her pussy before sliding home. Pristine's fervor is unmatched, and she sucks Bambino's dick again, stoking their love to even greater heights. Bambino pushes at Pristine from behind, causing her to enter a mystical realm of orgasmic bliss. Pristine whips around, using her tongue and hands to push Bambino to his own climax, feeling her boyfriend's hot cum coating her face.