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Anywhere - S3:E16

Mary Jane Johnson and her spouse Jake demonstrate to us the sensual spontaneity that accompanies married life! Jake comes up behind his beautiful bride and kneels down to adore her round bottom and thin back while he takes off her underwear. Mary Jane opens to Jake as he leans against the wall and runs his stiff cock along her juicy slit, then penetrates her from behind with a thrust that fills her to the brim. After exchanging longing glances, Mary Jane chooses to give her husband the greatest pleasure possible. She drops to her knees and bites into his long, throbbing dick. She drives him crazy while licking and sucking him while gazing up at him with love. At a point where Jake is at his wits' end, he pulls Mary Jane into his lap and impales her on his member. As Mary Jane switches from being a cowgirl to a reverse cowgirl so she may ride her lover more controllably, their romance intensifies to a ferocious boil. Longing for more intense contact, Mary Jane leans against the couch and lifts her slim behind to entice her partner to kiss her from behind. He obliges enthusiastically, slamming his fist into her pathetic pussy till she sighs in delight. His wife writhes in delight as he lays her out on the couch, softly parts her legs, places his cheek on her smooth inner thigh, and licks and suckles at her tender clit. Mary Jane's husband steps up, plants his firm cock deep in her warm body, and strokes quickly and forcefully, just as she is balancing on the verge of an orgasm. She leans down and rubs her clit, letting out a deep groan as she hits her climax. Soon after, Jake follows his wife over the brink and gives her a cum. He licks her clean with love while she lies there, sultry, and then gives her a passionate kiss.

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