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Ascend To Passion - S5:E27

As they make out, brunette Silvie Deluxe sits on Rasty's lap and lets her boyfriend glide his hand down her smooth belly till it rests between her legs. With his lover gasping and moaning, Rasty knows exactly what to do. He slides his long fingers beneath Silvie's panties and runs his fingertips along her wet slit. In her first afternoon climax, Silvie collapses under Rasty's increasingly intense and rapid touches. Silvie smiles mischievously as she invites her partner to take off her bra and give her ample breasts a massage. She drops to her knees, sinking down Rasty's body, and smiles up at him, delicately brushing her fingertips and mouth over the hard bulge in his briefs. When Silvie's man's cock is finally exposed, she takes his erection in her mouth and begins to pump him while sucking him with her skilled mouth. By turning her around so that her back is to him and taking off her wet panties, Rasty is pleased to return the favor. This allows him to bury his face in her gorgeous ass and press his tongue deep into her creamy twat while she writhes under the firm grip of his powerful hands. Though the unbelievably intense pleasure seems to last forever, Rasty isn't quite finished with his woman. Pushing Silvie forward with caution, Rasty runs the tip of his dick down her moist slit before plunging into her warm embrace. The pace quickens as Silvie spins around in Rasty's arms, facing each other, using her hands to balance herself on the stairs. Silvie's guy lays her down on the ground with her feet resting on the second step, and glides back into her tight twat with deep, lengthy strokes, till her gasps gradually turn into short, breathless moans. A few moments later, Silvie Silvie, her man's cock in her eager mouth, drops back down to her knees, wanting her beau to feel the same amazing pleasure she has just had. Silvie only needs a few minutes of skillful caressing and sucking to get a salty, wet cumshot all over her sensual tits. The brunette leans closer, sucking and licking her man's cock to savor the last of his love.

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