While on a fascinating date, Amber Nevada's boyfriend Kendo Ortiz is teaching her how to fire a gun. Amber licks and kisses Kendo incessantly, but Kendo hits the first target. Amber puts her hands down Kendo's slacks and puts her arms around his waist, determined now to grab her guy's attention. Amber starts to take his taunting seriously after Kendo manages to get off one more shot. Amber gets down on her knees in front of her partner, takes out his stiffie, and begins to suck him dry like a Hoover. Amber treats Kendo's dick like her own personal lollipop, and when he tries to put the pistol down, she makes it obvious that she wants him to keep shooting so she can enjoy the way she affects his concentration. Kendo flips the script on Amber by giving her the gun after assisting her in standing up. As he shows her how to aim the gun, he approaches from behind her and puts his hand down her trousers to caress her clit as she fires. In a matter of seconds, Amber decides she has had enough of this game and throws the gun to the ground before turning to offer Kendo a sincere, passionate kiss. Pulling up Amber's top allows Kendo to focus on her pierced nipples and petite boobs, which makes him happy. Before long, Amber had taken off her clothes and was on her hands and knees presenting herself to Kendo. He's delighted to give Amber a pussy beating in the canine manner, burying his cock balls in her bald twat. Kendo collapses onto his back and pulls Amber over him, allowing her to settle onto his fuck stick and dictate the speed independently. Amber joyfully assumes charge, her fists clenching her small boobs. She's so hot that it doesn't take long for her cowgirl ride to reach a climax that makes her entire body twitch with ecstasy. Amber kneels next to Kendo and begins caressing and massaging his stiffie. Kendo, delighted by the friction, savors the experience for a moment or two before letting his seed explode all over Amber's hands and his own stomach.

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The Perfect Creampie - S31:E9
Boy / Girl
Mia Evans, dressed in a crimson nightgown, is passionate about exposing herself to Renato on the stairs. Renato covers her breasts and teasing her nipples, pushing her thong aside and lifting her skirt for him to taste her sweet fluids. Mia becomes engrossed in Renato's pussy feast, eventually crawling up Renao's body until his hardon is in contact with her personal paradise. She guides herself down until she is fully impaled on his fuck stick, then licks and sucks it. She then descends into Renato's lap, continuing her orgasm. Renato reaches his limit as he feels her delicate walls pulsing, allowing him to indulge in his orgasm and suck Mia with a creamy, salty kiss.