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Beautiful Reflection - S18:E8

While putting on bras to see how they fit her gorgeous curves, Naomi Nevena can't help but fiddle with her breasts. Naomi readily gives in to Thomas Long's advances and decides to put off her hunt for the ideal bra and underwear until later. Thomas shoves Naomi back into the bed, whereupon he takes a moment to nurse on the very breasts that Naomi was just ogling, and then he goes on to other delicious pastures. Thomas spreads his lover's legs and begins to savor every second of Naomi's landing strip twat. Naomi almost loses her mind when he sticks two fingers deep into her sheath to compliment his tongue touches. Thomas replaces Naomi's fingers with his cock the instant he feels her pussy walls convulsing around them. To increase her pleasure, Thomas presses in and out of her lovely snatch and switches between thumbing her clit and playing with her tits. Naomi pulls away from Thomas's member and positions herself so that she is lying on her side and facing Thomas, wanting to get her mouth in on the action. Naomi uses her hands and her cock-hungry lips to completely stiffen Thomas's dick, while Thomas tickles her pussy to retain her attention. slams through her and her twat gets squeezed.

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Sheer Pleasure - S17:E22
Boy / Girl
Claudia Macc, a blonde hottie, delights herself and Matt Ice with a seductive dance. She wears a thong and previews her repertoire by cupping her tits and sliding her hand into her panties. Claudia then gets on top of Matt for a seductive 69, working his tongue to probe and fondle her bald twat. They engage in long, slow strokes, and Claudia changes positions to expose her ass and puss, allowing Matt to approach her from behind and slip back in. Claudia is left devastated by one more dramatic moment, where Matt doubles down on her ecstasy, rips out her twat, and jizzes all over her chest and tummy.
Wake Me Tender - S18:E23
Boy / Girl
Sicilia wakes up in bed wearing a bra and thong, eager to have tender kisses and caresses from Andy Stone. She extracts his penis and licks and sucks her, making Andy rock hard and eager for her. They work on her flawless pussy, causing her breathy gasps to tremble. Andy takes advantage of her tense state, leaving her gasping after a strong orgasm. He then lets his sperm on her back, bathing her in his loving love as they enjoy orgasmic pleasure together.
My Masseuse - S15:E29
Violet enters Van Wylde's room for a massage, wearing a leotard. She uses hot stones to help her partner relax, but Van prefers to be fondled Violet's creamy pussy. Violet enjoys playing sultry games and bobs her head and plays with Van's hands. Van covers her bottom and back with oil, massages her rump, and kisses her. Violet then descends onto Van's member and seizes the opportunity to make love. She takes Van's dick as deep as possible, crossing the boundary into ecstasy. Van's climax is just moments behind Violet's, as she coaxes him into a release that covers her face and mouth in sticky sperm.
Blonde Arousal - S21:E21
Boy / Girl
Alexa Grace prepares to impress Tyler Nixon by wearing sheer underwear and elegant high heels. She gently caresses Tyler, allowing him to awaken and realize his talent. Alexa begins by pealing off his underwear to kiss the tip of Tyler's hardon and take the entire thing in her mouth for a deep throat blowjob. She moves down Tyler's stiffie until she is completely impaled, then lets go of her sheer bra, increasing their mutual enjoyment. Tyler licks away, immersing himself in her sensual snatch, and they continue to enjoy each other's company. Alexa sucks Tyler dry and gulps down every last drop of hot, salty bliss.
Threesome Love - S1:E24
Threesome FFM
Abigaile Johnson and Ella Milano confront their boyfriend Giovanni in the hallway, with mischievous ideas. They give passionate kisses while licking and sucking at their reward. Giovanni pushes his dick off her legs to run his tongue over her soft pussy, while Ella suckles on Abigaile's breasts. In the bedroom, they decide to play the aggressor and Abigaile resumes kissing. Ella licks Abigaile's body, while Giovanni runs his tongue up Ella's slit. Abigaile presses her full breasts into Giovanni's mouth, and Giovanni fucks her lover slowly. Ella reclines on the bed, welcoming her man's cock back into her sobbing pussy. Abigaile leaps upon her partner and gives her a passionate kiss. Giovanni gives both women equal attention, causing Giovanni to erupt all over Abigaile's back and rounded ass, unable to contain his climax.