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Breakfast In Bed - S10:E22

Sweet and seductive Emily Grey has bigger plans than just breakfast in bed as she decides to surprise her boyfriend Dylan Snow. Entering the room in nothing but a bra and thong, Emily places the tray down before getting on the bed to spend some passionate foreplay feeding her lover. The brunettes wandering hands quickly give her game away, and soon she is able to spring Dylans rock hard cock free from his pants so that she can lay back and give him a leisurely handjob while he returns the favor by sliding her thong aside to stroke her bald pussy. Dylan soon lifts her bra to give her swollen nipples and little breasts a massage. Emily uses her other hand to pick up stroking her eager twat, not wanting to give up on her man's pleasure or her own. When her beau groans with admiration and approbation, she eventually climbs down the bed to wrap her warm lips around his dick and give him a good dick sucking. When Emily is ready to step it up, she jumps off the bed to slink out of her panties and then, in a sensuous motion that makes her partner go crazy, creeps up Dylan's body on all fours! Dylan only needs to accept her offer to enter her gently while spooning Emily in order to utilize light strokes to start her motor. Emily gets up on her hands and knees, allowing Dylan to cup her tiny rump and then bury his face in her delicious twat, allowing him to sip her womanly nectar now that they are both warmed up. Soon, he rams Emily's cum-hungry pussy with all of the power she desires, replacing his gentle tongue with a rock-hard cock. Emily's arms and legs eventually give Her ecstatic cries lead the way as Dylan draws lovely noises out of her till she is panting with delight. Emily turns over on her back and crawls to the edge of the bed, allowing Dylan to stand up and manipulate her into having a second orgasm with strong cock thrusts. Dylan achieves his own peak of pleasure even as her climax bursts through her throbbing body. Emily drops to her knees on the ground and gives her partner a last-minute sex, causing him to spill his seed all over her thin, flat stomach.

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