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Bubble Bath - S19:E7

When Ena Sweet's lover Marius joins her, they are both taking bubble baths. Marita is glad to assist Ena in massaging the suds all over her body, focusing especially on her medium-sized breasts. Marius gives Ena a towel to dry off with before she leaves for some extra pleasure when she's ready. Marius uses the towel to gain control and plants kisses on Ena's shoulders and back. By the time he finishes, he has also taken off his underwear, leaving them both nude. Ena can't contain her admiration for Marius's dick; she squats down and uses her mouth to suck him dry with slow, lengthy strokes. Marius has a goal that he won't let slip, no matter how much he would want to have Ena's plump lips wrapped around his member forever. Marius puts his head between her thighs and props his sweetheart up on the counter, licking and lapping at her delicious slit. His tongue exploded with Ena's delectable juices, filling his mouth with her deliciousness. Soon after, the pair moves to the bed to spoon together while Marius gradually sucks his way in and out of Ena's warm wetness. When her lover fills her up and leaves her panting for more, her bald twat throbs with gratitude for his cock. As she goes down on Marius's stiffie and begins pounding her hips, Ena takes control and climbs on top of him. The longer she rides, the faster her rump moves up and down. They both can't contain their complete excitement when she leans back and begins tossing her hips to give Marius's fuck stick some new friction. Ena uses the fact that Marius is still on his back as an excuse to resume sucking his dick. As the brunette gets to work cupping and fondling Marius' balls, her slow, sure strokes Marius repays Ena's oral sex favor by indulging in more of her delicious twat. To Ena's great joy, the effects are orgasmic when he adds his fingers to the mixture. She wants to go for another stiffie ride because her body is so at ease, but this time she will mount Marius from the side and they will enjoy each other's company while pumping her hips. Ena gets the love and happiness she longs for when she does such an amazing job that Marius loses all control and gives her a shot of come in her fuck hole.

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My New Lover - S41:E16
Rebecca Volpetti decides to move forward with her new boyfriend, Nikki Nutz. She chooses her outfit and receives a gift from Nikki, who takes her on a romantic journey. Nikki admires Rebecca's attractive body and indulges in suckling her breasts and widening her thighs for a delicious pussy feast. Rebecca watches Nikki work his tongue magic, but things end when she falls over his fuck stick, straddling his hips and getting impaled. The couple tries spooning, with Nikki curling up behind Rebecca and slipping deep. Rebecca's wild side comes out as she turns into a reverse cowgirl. Nikki reenters her by hooking one ankle over Nikki's shoulder, and their close eye contact makes Rebecca writhe. Nikki pushes himself in and gives her a big, juicy dose of cum to complete their union.