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Caress Me - S14:E14

When Denis Reed wants to give Karina Grand a sensuous massage on her tanned body, she doesn't hesitate to strip down and lie down on a floor mattress. Denis, on the other hand, isn't afraid to get his hands on Karina's juicy pussy and tell the blonde just what he wants out of their meeting! As eager as ever, Karina lubricates Denis's manhood with copious amounts of lotion. Watching her lean body in action in the mirror, the blonde swiftly sends her partner into a frenzy of ecstasy as she spreads the lotion with her hands and even her hairless twat. Karina enthusiastically moves up so that her snatch is now conveniently over Denis's mouth as her first climax ripples through her taut frame. He knows just what to do and proceeds to lick and suckle Karina's glistening folds till she cries out in exhilaration, signaling another release. Karina finally grinds down onto her lover's cock to satisfy her cravings while her body is still buzzing with ecstasy. She begins her stiffie ride with calm, calculated thrusts that quickly turn wild and frenzied the longer she hums, until she's attempting to cram her snatch at full speed. satisfaction as he squirts his load all over her eager face and mouth.

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Bonnie Dolce and Lilly Bella are appreciative of Raul Costa's quick investigation into their non-functioning fireplace. They invite him to the couch and engage in a heated and sensual beat. Bonnie has her turn with the D, while Lilly sits with her thighs spread wide and her face tucked in between them. Raul observes Lilly as she settles into his lap, meowing with pleasure. When Bonnie's turn comes, they both have one final euphoric hurrah as she feasts on Lilly's pussy. When they are satisfied, the girls ensure Raul receives the right compensation for his work and drag him off for a double facial.