Denis Reed helps Serpente Edita with some hard lifting while she sits and enjoys a drink of wine. Serpente takes Denis's shirt and hugs him to show his appreciation for doing his tasks. She begins by extracting Denis's penis so she may lick and suck the tip before launching herself into an intense blowout. Serpente pulls up her skirts to show off her smooth, bald pussy, which is already creamy with desire to be fucked. Without wasting any time, she climbs upon Denis's erection to give him a stiffie ride by slowly thrusting her thin hips. In an attempt to switch things up, Serpente grabs Denis by the shirt so she can put him back on the coffee table. She drops on her hands and knees, positioning her snatch at the ideal height for a beating in the manner of a dog. Denis is content to slide home and relishes the chance to hit Serpente hard and quickly with his fuck stick. Denis understands precisely what Serptente needs when she opens her legs and turns onto her back. He drops to his knees and buries his face in her slippery slit, using her sensitive clit as a surface for his tongue to kiss and suckle. Denis knows everything he needs to know from Serpente's groans as he stages his activity to get her closer to the climax, even a little pussy. Denis decides to make his partner cum by substituting his cock for his fingers. As Denis penetrates her till she is gasping with orgasm, Serpente is eager to assist by caressing her own clit! A few moments later, Denis emerges and uses this jizz to cover Serpente's exposed mound and flat tummy, capping their passionate encounter with a boom.

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