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Guess Who - S14:E3

opulent Tommy comes home, and Dido Angel watches from the window before surprising him with a surprise hug from behind. Tommy can't wait to get his hands on her bald pussy and go to town with his magic tongue and deft fingers, so she quickly lifts her miniskirt. Dido is eager to join in on the pussy licking fun, even though she is enjoying it. By yanking out his hard cock and using her eager mouth and hands to deliver a blow job that virtually blows Tommy's mind, she flips the script on him. Tommy looks on in rapt attention as Dido steps back, slides her dress' straps off her shoulders, and raises her hands to caress her tits. Only when the dress is a heap of fabric on the ground and Dido is approaching for some genuine affection does her striptease come to an end. Dido climbs onto Tommy's lap and groans as she slips her juicy twat down onto Tommy's fuck stick, enjoying the sensation of her hard nipples being sucked. Dido lets loose and pumps her hips for a titty bouncing wild ride after a few exploratory bounces. Then, Dido reclines in the chair and puts her gorgeous snatch in the ideal fucking position, supported up on the arm. Tommy takes on the assignment with gusto, thrusting his hips in a harsh pace that Dido likes and sliding in till he's balls deep. The blonde's pussy hammering in the doggie position on her hands and knees just makes it better. Dido puts her lips and fingers around Tommy's cock to push him closer to his own climax, all the while her whole body throbs with orgasmic intensity. Dido is ecstatic as the hot cum escapes her lips as he eventually loses his full in her mouth.

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Dress To Impress - S16:E23
Boy / Girl
Tommy watches Dido Angel in the mirror, trying on clothes that maximize her tanned figure. Tommy signals his acceptance by initiating a lengthy kiss, leading to a sexual session. Tommy massages Dido's back and lifts her skirt to reveal her thong. Dido slings one leg over Tommy's stomach to cross him and set herself up for a sensual hump. They take off their garments, and Dido dives in for cock sucking action. Tommy quickens his tempo and rips out her hot sheath, showering Dido in his love.
Goddess Of Love - S9:E23
Boy / Girl
After dusk, Dido Angel and her partner Tommy are cuddling on their bed, their passion too strong to be restrained by mere kisses. Dido gives Tommy a blowout, licking and sucking every inch of his cock, leaving no area unattended. Tommy then exposes her soft pussy, using his magic tongue. Dido enjoys getting her partner to ride her like a personal stud, causing her plump ass to jiggle and her large tits to bounce. As their climax approaches, Dido turns onto her back, allowing her boyfriend to do all the work, sending her hurtling towards pleasure town.
Wake Me Tender - S18:E23
Boy / Girl
Sicilia wakes up in bed wearing a bra and thong, eager to have tender kisses and caresses from Andy Stone. She extracts his penis and licks and sucks her, making Andy rock hard and eager for her. They work on her flawless pussy, causing her breathy gasps to tremble. Andy takes advantage of her tense state, leaving her gasping after a strong orgasm. He then lets his sperm on her back, bathing her in his loving love as they enjoy orgasmic pleasure together.
Intimate Session - S12:E30
Boy / Girl
Halle Von and Van Wylde are a lustful couple who desire more personal touch than just making out. Halle pulls off Van's underwear to give him the blowjob she craves, and Van uses his tongue to suckle her firm nipples. He gently nuzzles her into the bed, planting kisses on her inner thighs and savoring her vaginal fluids. Van drives his pulsating cock deep into Halle's sperm-hungry twat, and Halle is euphoric as he seizes her and takes advantage of Van's orgasm.
Cum For Me - S26:E5
Boy / Girl
Haley Reed, dressed in a leather miniskirt, is Damon Dice's fantasy come true. She massages Damon's chest, licks his breasts, and licks his slit with ecstasy. Haley peels off most of her clothes and explores Damon's stiffie, swallowing him whole. She glides his erection up and down her slit, guiding him to the breaking point. Damon doesn't let Haley take up all the work, pushing her onto her back and creating an intense beat. As their climax surges through her, Damon surprises them both by pulling out and showering Haley's soft mound with jizz, making them both feel satisfied.
My Masseuse - S15:E29
Violet enters Van Wylde's room for a massage, wearing a leotard. She uses hot stones to help her partner relax, but Van prefers to be fondled Violet's creamy pussy. Violet enjoys playing sultry games and bobs her head and plays with Van's hands. Van covers her bottom and back with oil, massages her rump, and kisses her. Violet then descends onto Van's member and seizes the opportunity to make love. She takes Van's dick as deep as possible, crossing the boundary into ecstasy. Van's climax is just moments behind Violet's, as she coaxes him into a release that covers her face and mouth in sticky sperm.
At Last - S17:E15
Boy / Girl
Vinna Reed waits for Lutro to warm up and is eager to expose his long, hard cock. She takes off his jeans and works him with long strokes and deeper thrusts. Vinna is satisfied and ready to fuck without foreplay. Lutro then continues with long strokes between her legs, satisfying her demand for a doggy-style pussy pounding. She crawls down on her hands and knees on the floor and lifts her ass to him. Despite her happiness, Vinna still wants Lutro to feel the same way and sucks him off, enjoying the sticky wetness of his hot sperm.
No Holding Back - S9:E2
Boy / Girl
After a passionate night of romance, Alison Faye and her boyfriend Tyler Nixon engage in a passionate, passionate fuck fest. Tyler sucks and laps at Alison's bald spot, putting his finger in her sheath just before she lets him lick his pussy. Alison tries to make Tyler hotter by giving his dick a protracted, dry humping motion, and then putting on a reverse cowgirl pose to help her gain more rhythm. The fuck fest hits all the right notes, and Alison and Tyler rise to the brink of ecstasy. Tyler is the epitome of a lover, pushing his partner to the brink of ecstasy.
Take A Shot - S22:E2
Boy / Girl
Anya Olsen, an American girl, agrees to a sleazy picture shoot with Logan Pierce, who reveals her thong. Anya wants Logan to do more than just take photos, and he falls in to her advances. Anya enjoys her landing strip twat and clit, while Logan caresses her fuck hole and keeps her wet. Anya wants total control, leading Logan to a chair and taking her on a sexy journey to her landing strip pussy. Logan takes the initiative, driving deep into her sheath and looking into her eyes, leaving Anya with a happy, satisfied smile.