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It Must Be Lust - S4:E2

Sage Evans and her partner Ryan Driller are ecstatic to see each other and can't resist sharing a hearty chuckle on the stair landing. As Ryan's hands roam over Sage's slim body and remove her sparse clothing, joy soon leads to passion. Sage drops to her knees, rips off her man's jeans, and brings his firm dick to her lips for a good lick. She gives him many more kisses on his chest and abdomen before encircling her lips around his erection and giving him a blowout that causes him to start breathing heavily and push his rigid cock into her mouth. Ryan uses this as an opportunity to lead Sage backwards till her lover thrusts his way deep into her shaved pussy, and her bottom makes contact with a counter that is just the right height for her to sit on. A few thrusts later, he pulls out and gently lowers Sage onto the table to further pleasure her with a massage of her fragile clitoris. The pair proceeds to a softer couch, where Ryan takes his time kissing Sage's long neck and dark nipples, his hand still gently caressing her wet folds. Ryan lifts her leg and softly presses into her from behind when she's ready for him, allowing him to continue caressing her clit while they enjoy this position. Sage wants deeper penetration, which only a shift in position can provide, as her climax draws closer. She finally receives the penetration she craves and the intimacy the position demands when she raises her legs into the air and thrusts her guy between her thighs. Ryan eases off the sofa stands after giving a few thrusts, opening Sage's warm She had an instant orgasm that is so strong that waves of ecstasy shoot through her, arching her back high. Ryan reaches his own climax shortly after. He exits and pumps his cock with his hand, saturating Sage's flat tummy with his sperm.

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Come On In - S39:E14
Sheryl X prepares for the day in the bathroom after a passionate night out. Her boyfriend Thomas Stone enters the shower, giving her a clear view of one another. Sheryl flirts with Thomas and takes a shower with him, showcasing her curves and tight nipples. Sheryl explores Thomas's hardon with her warm tongue and gentle lips, giving herself over to his sensual delight. Thomas then pushes his way into Sheryl's velvet glove, allowing him to enter. They continue their fun in the bedroom, with Sheryl taking her twat hard and rocking back to meet him stroke for stroke. Sheryl rubs her clit and reaches down to rub her leg down for Thomas to hit her g-spot. Sheryl enjoys the fullness of her body, then returns to cowgirl mode. Thomas pushes her down and gives her a hot creampie.
Modern Love - S39:E9
Boy / Girl
In this text, Zac Wild, a sex worker, is playing games with his girlfriend Lacy Lennon while brewing coffee. They engage in a playful game of "chase me, chase me," which ends happily. Zac then licks Lacy's thigh, leaving her twat oozing with sexual desire. Lacy offers her own sexual desires, eventually mounting Zac on his back. Zac positions himself to drive into Lacy's twat in dog, and as she clings to the ride, she lets out deep, breathy gasps. He then goes all in, making Lacy feel sexy, and then touches her, revealing her attractive red belly and muff.
Home Sweet Home - S1:E21
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Marie McCray and Seth Gamble are two young lovers eager to lust after each other. They share a tender kiss, revealing Seth's long, firm dick, and enjoy each other's company. Seth lubricates Marie's vagina, and they eat each other out. As Seth pushes his dick into Marie's vagina, she groans in anticipation. They move to a more personal missionary position, and Seth pushes Marie over the brink of bliss, causing her delicate pussy to contract around him.
Sweet Love - S20:E9
Boy / Girl
Lutro helps Chrissy Fox remove her shirt to write a heartfelt message on her back. Chrissy is moved by Lutro's consideration and engages in a sensual game of ball-sucking and blowjob. Lutro caresses her clit with his tongue, then positions her creamy bare pussy over his mouth. They continue pumping their hips, pushing balls deep in a single stroke. Chrissy explodes in bliss, singing orgasmically. Lutro moves slowly, but Chrissy is already primed and ready. He follows closely behind her, allowing her to reach over and direct his sperm eruption to cover her flawless rear with his affection.
Ready For It - S13:E13
Boy / Girl
Van Wilder and Marina Angel engage in a passionate, doggy-style coupling while taking a bubble bath. They kiss for a long time before Van takes Marina's place, burying his face between her thighs and using his tongue to drive her crazy. They then move into the bedroom, where Marina enjoys her self-induced pussy beating. They move into a 69, where they continue their oral sex. Marina uses her titties to tremble, showcasing her love for Van Wilder.
Beautiful Stranger - S2:E26
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After a passionate night with her new boyfriend Giovanni, Faye Reagan wakes up to a kiss that quickly escalates into more intense sexual activity. She becomes more active in their romantic activities, pressing her partner onto the bed, encircling his dick, and applying suction to his lips. Faye falls onto the bed, pushing her down without missing a beat. Giovanni kisses Faye tenderly on the lips and then slays her all over her round abdomen.
Sexual Pleasure - S27:E2
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Alex Blake, a slender and endearing woman, wakes up to a passionate kiss from her boyfriend Lucas Frost. She licks Lucas's torso, caressing his head and stroking him away. Lucas then presses his face into her manicured muff, licking, suckers, and nibbling with precision. Alex groans with delight as he rocks back to meet every stroke. As they sit on top of his dick, Alex breaks into a climax, dancing in a frantic waltz, and embracing Lucas. With his fuck stick buried in Alex's pussy, they create a rhythm that keeps them close. Lucas leans back, allowing Alex to feel his erection, and finally, she manages to get Lucas to orgasm, covering her stomach and mounds in hot jizz.