After more than a year away, the gorgeous blonde Julia Parker is back at Wet and Puffy, perched on the couch and massaging her legs with her hands. In tight white hotpants and a crop top, she appears sexier than ever, and this gorgeous beauty is horny. She plays with her little, flawless tits by rubbing her palms on the crotch of her hotpants and then raising her top. After teasing her nipples, she removes her top to make it easier for herself to access them. Julia teases her swollen pussy, sucks her fingers, and then strips off entirely to show off her pussy some more. She does this by sliding her hands down into her hotpants. She lays on her side, licking her lips, and then inserts a small blue sex object into her plump, juicy pussy! She licks and sucks it clean before moving on to a pink dildo, which she then plays with in a doggy manner. As Julia experiences a dildo orgasm, she turns over and quickens the pace!

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Amanda Estela
Amanda Estela, a raven-haired character from Wet and Puffy, returns in a recent scene wearing an oriental kimono. She teasingly demonstrates her sexiness by rubbing her swollen pussy through her underwear crotch, swallowing her fingers clean. She then plays with her swollen pussy, getting completely nude. Amanda uses her kimono tie to rub against her pussy lips, licking her sex toy clean and pumping her labia before stretching her juicy genitalia.