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Late Night Romance - S16:E19

Sensual candles set the mood for romance as Arian approaches Kristof Cale while sporting a thong and skimpy bra. With his large hands and tongue, Kristof covers Arian's little breasts as he kisses his way down to the treasure between her legs. He knows precisely what Arian wants and is pleased to deliver it to her. When Kristof gets to his destination, his lover is already wet and eager for sex when he takes off Arian's thong. With his deft mouth and deft fingers, Kristof samples her mouth-watering secretions, guiding her into a first release that calms her down and primes her for his huge cock. Arian creates a romantic atmosphere with Kristof discovers that Arian's pussy is smooth and tight when he replaces his fingers with his dick. She is revved up again by his long, languid strokes, which make her body throb with eager anticipation. Arian gladly provides a blowjob, savoring every second of it while taking a brief break to relish Kristof's member sliding down her mouth. She sits onto Kristof's lap and slides down to have a stiffie ride that makes them both hotter than ever because she can't wait for another second to Arian rolls onto her hands and knees, extending an invitation to Kristof that she won't refuse. When Arian gets close to a climax, Kristof flips her over and uses his tongue and fingers to finish the job, pushing her back. His doggy-style pussy pounding is administered with long, deep strokes. A final round of intense fucking pushes Kristof to the verge of his own release and takes Arian off one last time. Before he erupts and covers her with his hot cum, all it takes is a few gentle strokes from Arian's hands, leaving her satisfied and grinning.

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Cum Before You Go - S32:E14
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Emma Hix, a detonation model, wears a subtle makeup and is admired by Zac Wild. After getting ready, Zac gently kisses Emma's delicate shoulders and neck, then winds her up and knees her ass. Emma jumps into Zac's arms, expressing her desire for more intense sexual encounters. She draws Zac in close, expressing her desire for more intense sexual encounters. Emma crawls forward, grabbing Zac's hardon and expressing her desire for more intense sexual encounters. Zac falls with Emma, showing her excitement about a deep dive. Emma spreads her thighs and uses a forceful handie to remove Zac from her bare twat, writhing in agony from her last orgasmic bliss. Emma gives Zac a kiss and smile after being fed and clothed.
Wild Beauty - S30:E25
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Murur, a fiery redhead, admires Mina, a woman who cleans in a short dress, panties, and socks. Despite her cuteness and sensuality, Murur is in awe of her. He sneaks up behind Mina, who becomes supple and soft in his arms. He carries her to the couch, gives her a profusion of kisses, and then spoons behind her as she falls down onto her side. As they settle into a new pace, Mina enjoys the tight glove of her twat. She wants to return to her job while holding her boyfriend's fuck stick high. Murgur takes control of their lovemaking once more, and Mina falls onto her back, allowing her head to loll back in ecstasy. Eventually, she gathers strength to go to her hands and knees, where Murgur exploits her by slamming her.
Intense Passion - S27:E5
Boy / Girl
Emma Hix and Johnny Castle approach a bed, keeping their mouths shut. Johnny lifts Emma's miniskirt, revealing her thong-covered ass and thigh-high stockings. He peels Emma's dress off, revealing a lingerie bra that accentuates her small tits. Emma leans over the bed, kissing and squeezing her ass from behind. Johnny rolls her over, suckling his tongue flat up her naked twat. Emma tries to get as much of Johnny in her mouth as possible, using her hand to manipulate his dick. Johnny eagerly accepts Emma's unsaid pleas and focuses on Emma's pleasure. Emma bumps and grinds on Johnny's hardon, and he guides her until she erupts with ecstasy. Johnny exits the vehicle and erupts all over Emma's posterior, causing his sperm to cascade down her ass crack.