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Martina Musa

This week's new face on Wet and Puffy is the slender, tattooed beauty Martina Musa, who makes a statement with her sheer robe and underwear. This hottie starts to strip to show off her enormous nipples after pulling up her gown and flaunting her ass. Martina stoops down and suckers on a beaded sex toy, rubbing her plump pussy lips. As we focus in closely on her labia, she settles in and slides her sex object between her plump, juicy pussy lips. Martina pops it inside herself, then proceeds to gently and sensually savor her pussy before quickening the pace to intensify the sensation. She widens her legs and fucks a metal speculum while she licks her toy clean. She opens her mouth wide and then proceeds to fuck a rainbow dildo while hunched over in a doggy posture. Martina gets down on the rug, starts masturbating, and rides her dildo until she has a great orgasm!

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