One afternoon, Lady D. is especially aroused. She is able to please Thomas J. and herself when she spots a bottle of massage oil. Kissing him awake from his snooze, Lady puts the oil on Thomas's chest, hinting at more pleasure to come. Lady slithers down Thomas's body and extracts his already-hard cock for licking and sucking. Thomas finds her in the ideal position to effortlessly remove Lady's thong and use his skillful tongue and magic fingers to caress her twat during a delightful and sensual 69. Lady shimmies out of her thong, exposing them both to the fullest extent possible as she turns around and faces Thomas while she licks him off. Lady gets on her knees as soon as she's nude, slicking her little chest with massage oil to get her tits nice and slicked up for a titty fuck between her full boobs. It's Lady's turn to enjoy herself, so she steps forward and rides Thomas's mouth with her slim figure. Thomas knows just what to do; he reaches up to cup her breasts and clenches his tongue to make Lady's every hip thrust a complete joy as she rides his face. To Lady, the only thing more enjoyable than being the target of someone else's snatching is to turn around and score a 69 once again. Even though their foreplay is fantastic, Lady ultimately feels that it's time to move on to the main attraction. She gets up and positions herself so that Thomas's dick will totally impale her when she sinks. After taking a solid seat, she begins to engage her hips in a way that makes the most of them ache for more. Lady falters in her hip thrusts, and Even though Thomas's strokes begin slowly, they quickly pick up speed and leave Lady throbbing with orgasmic delight as he pounds her pussy. Lady gets down on her hands and knees and offers herself to Thomas as a gift. Thomas, who is always ready to please his sweetheart, approaches Lady from behind and quickly makes her fall onto the bed while she repeatedly screams in ecstasy. Thomas rushes to cover Lady's ass with a flood of come, unable to resist the pulsing sensation of her pussy walls. Satisfied at last, the couple cuddles up to relish the lingering effects of their passionate moment.

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