Melanie Rios, a tanned beauty, kisses Michael Vegas good morning in front of the mirror while wearing a basic white bra and sheer lacey capris. Unable to put an end to their desire with a mere kiss, Melanie and Michael head back to the bed, where Melanie extends an invitation that Michael can't refuse. Melanie is joined by Michael at the bed, where he presses his developing erection on Melanie's delicate ass. With her mouth shut for maximum suction, Melanie turns to face him and extracts his stiff cock from his trousers. Michael respectfully takes Melanie's clothes off and pushes her thighs apart to reveal her delicious pussy after enjoying his unexpected blow job. Michael savors her sensual fluids and inserts his tongue deeply into her most private areas while she rubs her breasts and tucks her nipples. Melanie begs Michael to enter her, drenched in want. He does as he is told, yanking her to the brink of the bed so he can thrust his massive member into her, missionary style. Melanie, engrossed in the sensation of fullness, clutches the bed linens and relishes the instant while Michael holds her thighs and moves his body in and out of her. Michael goes into the bed and lies on his back so Melanie may mount him in the reverse cowgirl position since he doesn't want this time to end so quickly. With each thrust, she takes Michael's cock deep and gives them both an incredible ride. Michael cuddles Melanie's plump ass cheeks in this position, urging her to observe their lovemaking in the mirror. Melanie can't help but move back into a different position so she may give her partner another passionate kiss, even though neither Once again, their focus is on the mirror, and they pick up more speed as they get closer to the edge, until Melanie finally gives birth to an amazing orgasm. Michael fights his own shattering climax and pulls his cock out of Melanie's fragile pussy, then rises to the side of the bed. Melanie hardly has to make contact with him before he spontaneously bursts into her eager lips, providing her with the perfect morning indulgence. She sucks up every last drop of Michael's fluids, grinning up at him in sheer joy as she swallows.

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