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In The Mood - S17:E13
Boy / Girl
Paula and her lover Dan enjoy a fun night of streaming videos and cuddling in bed. Dan introduces himself by giving Paula tender touches and sultry looks. Initially, Paula rejects his ideas but eventually agrees. Dan massages Paula's breasts, kisses her belly, and removes her underpants. Paula returns the oral sex favor. She licks and sucks Dan's cock, pushing them both to intense levels of desire. Dan licks his tongue over Paula's twat before revealing her ass. Paula returns the favor by massaging Dan's cock with long strokes, reaching his climax of pleasure and overflowing with his love.
Waiting On You - S20:E29
Boy / Girl
Stella Cox, dressed in lingerie, eagerly awaits Ryan Driller's return home. As they engage in sexual activities, Stella starts finger fucking and caressing her lustful puss under her thong. Ryan joins her antics, licking her glistening snatch and suckling his fingers deep into her twat. Stella enjoys giving Ryan a deep throat and continues to sucke at her own speed. As Stella reaches for her clit, her pleasure intensifies. She gropes and fondles her jiggling breasts, and they work together to grope and fondle her jiggling breasts. Stella holds herself steady while Ryan squeezes her tits extra hard. After confirming Stella's content, he loads all over her exposed belly and mound, leaving her feeling clingy and gummy.
Two Beauties - S21:E13
Threesome FFM
Lady D., dressed in a bra, thong, and high heels, prepares for her threesome with Dan and Paula. They flank Dan, who is aroused by his firm cock. Paula leaves Lady to finish suckling Dan, positioning herself above Dan's face. Dan is skilled at making his partner uncomfortable, using his tongue to get by. Lady finds herself in the center, with Dan's large hands massaging her behind and Paula's gentle twat close to her mouth. Paula fills and fucks Lady's puss, adding to their satisfaction. Lady enjoys adding to Dan's satisfaction by giving them gentle tongue licks and keeping herself warm. Dan continues pumping Lady's twat until he's almost ready to cumming, then pulls away for Paula to yank him off her chest and tummy.
All Over You - S21:E25
Boy / Girl
Max Dior and Sarah Kay are infatuated with each other, eager to lock lips until they leave the foyer. They sit on the couch, and Max uses his magic tongue to make Sarah's thong a thing of the past. Sarah bends down on the couch to allow Max to use his tongue, and they continue biting, licking and sucking his stiffie in a long, opulent BJ while he works his own clothes off. Sarah realizes she needs something more fulfilling, and Max bumps into her from behind. They engage in a dog-style fuck fest, with Sarah pushing Max to the big O she desperately wants. Both Max and Sarah feel the same way, covering Sarah's behind with genuine affection.
The Handyman - S31:E5
Boy / Girl
Antonia Sainz is waiting for a handyman to fix her lighting issue. She is surprised to find Don, who is a cutie and a delight to be around. Antonia inserts Don's stiffie into her throat, fucking him with her eyes. When they kiss, Don takes off his shirt, revealing his firm muscles. Don then inserts two fingers into Antonia's manicured twat, ensuring her genuine pleasure. He then takes her home, and Antonia slips down onto his fuck stick and impales herself on his hardon. She groans and places her feet on Don's thighs, hoping to end the day with another doggy-style romp. Antonia is satisfied and rubs Don's jizz into her sensitive skin.
Business Or Pleasure - S21:E18
Max Dior's secretary Antonia Sainz slips over carrying his coffee and returns with a roll of paper towels and another glass. She reveals her ass and thong, and Max enters for a lustful feast of bald pussies on his desk chair. Max uses his tongue to stroke Antonia's clit and twat, expressing her agreement. Antonia lets go of her boobs and holds on for dear life as Max works his tongue nonstop. Antonia takes Max off his clothes and they sit on her knees, sucking. Max inserts his hardon deep into Antonia's embracing folds, and they begin a ball-slapping rhythm. Antonia follows Max's pace, and when she squeezes Max's tits, she bursts into delight. Max pushes himself over the edge, giving Antonia the sperm shower she deserves.
A Night To Remember - S17:E10
Boy / Girl
Zoe Wood is engrossed in a limo trip with Ryan Driller, who becomes flirtatious and flirtatious while driving. Zoe tries to get Ryan to suck on her nipples, but Ryan's magic fingertips get her hot and agitated. Zoe works him hard with her lips and hands, eventually crashing into his twat. Ryan helps Zoe get up in the moving car, finger-banging her cooch, and then scoops her up onto his lap, causing her to tremble with anticipation. After breaking apart, Zoe regains composure and continues working Ryan with her lips and hands until he bursts in her throat.