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No Holding Back - S9:E2

Beautiful After an intense night of romance, Alison Faye is making coffee when her boyfriend Tyler Nixon approaches her from behind and declares his intentions by pulling up her miniskirt and planting a passionate kiss on her gorgeously shaven pussy. Tyler can easily remove his woman's clothes and palm her little breasts with their pierced nipples as Alison dry humps his firm cock since the couple proceeds straight to the bed. Tyler saunters down the blonde's extremely slender body and proceeds to suck and lap at her bald spot. Tyler puts his finger in Alison's hungry sheath just as she's about to let him lick his pussy, making it much more enjoyable. In an attempt to make her partner as hot and lustful as she is, Alison goes on her knees and gives his dick a protracted, dry humping motion that ends with her sliding down and completely impaling herself into his stiffie. She begins a frantic and chaotic fuck fest with her hips undulating, and the longer it goes on, the hotter it gets. Alison changes things up by putting on a reverse cowgirl pose, which allows Tyler to place his hands on her hips and assist her in gaining more rhythm. The new job hits all the right notes, and before long Alison will be gasping and sighing with delight. Alison then reclines on the bed, spreads her long legs, and gives them both a solid pounding of the pussy that makes them both rise higher than before. Tyler is the epitome of a lover, pushing his partner to the brink of ecstasy and beyond with a combination of firm and tender thrusts before sliding Alison onto her stomach. Alison entices Tyler with her warm, eager lips as she manipulates him with her tongue, just waiting for him to come off. to ensure she savors every last drop.

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