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Pleasant Surprise - S8:E20

sexy lingerie silhouettes Ebbi's gorgeous figure while having fun and flirting with her partner Artem Turkov. However, when there are more sensuous delights to be pursued, those games cannot persist forever. Ebbi shows off her love for oral sex with a wide smile and a quiet moan of satisfaction as she begins with a passionate blowjob. Artem stops her from licking her cock, pulling her up and bending her over the side of the couch so he can take her wet panties down and insert his fingers deep into Ebbi's squeamish twat. Ebbi, who is ready for something more substantial, pushes her man's firm dick all the way into her lustful fuck hole, then shakes her hips to increase the friction. Artem can take a hint; he palms her high tiny tits and thrusts hard and fast into her welcome heat, allowing his darling lady some time to adjust to the penetration. Artem uses the chance to calm things down by pulling over and getting on his knees in order to lick Ebbi's delicate anus and bury his eager face in her ass. As all of this is going on, his other hand slinks up to insert his thumb deep into her dripping twat. Artem is eager to sink his teeth into Ebbi's succulent hairless pussy and enjoy the abundance it has to offer. The brunette spreads her long legs wide on her back and settles in for a delectable treat. Her admirer takes his time, sweeping long strokes and darting touches with his tongue. Ebbi and her partner reunite, realizing they are at the pinnacle of their love as the brunette mounts a cowgirl pose and plants herself atop her man's firm cock. She bounces along, clearly enjoying She finally finds her happy place and bursts into ecstasy, cumming so violently she can't breathe. Ebbi drops to one side, her hand encircling her partner's erection and guiding the tip between her breasts. She is all too ready to kiss, suck, and stroke Artem until he has his own delicious climax when she eventually stoops low enough to touch his head with her tongue.

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Wanting For More - S10:E29
Shaved pussy
Ebbi Turkov and her partner Artem are enjoying a peaceful evening on the couch when Artem's straying hands reveal his desire for more. He begins by slipping Ebbi's underwear aside, pressing his face into her slit. Ebbi takes her time getting her partner hot and itching for more, using her hands and warm mouth to give him a blow job. Artem engages in spooning sex, while Ebbi curls up in her man's arms. As things heat up, Artem ramms his cock into her warm sheath, giving her a solid pussy pounding. Ebbi collapses onto the couch, and Artem reaches a climax where he explodes his cum in a warm, sticky face.
Intimate Session - S12:E30
Boy / Girl
Halle Von and Van Wylde are a lustful couple who desire more personal touch than just making out. Halle pulls off Van's underwear to give him the blowjob she craves, and Van uses his tongue to suckle her firm nipples. He gently nuzzles her into the bed, planting kisses on her inner thighs and savoring her vaginal fluids. Van drives his pulsating cock deep into Halle's sperm-hungry twat, and Halle is euphoric as he seizes her and takes advantage of Van's orgasm.
Intense Passion - S27:E5
Boy / Girl
Emma Hix and Johnny Castle approach a bed, keeping their mouths shut. Johnny lifts Emma's miniskirt, revealing her thong-covered ass and thigh-high stockings. He peels Emma's dress off, revealing a lingerie bra that accentuates her small tits. Emma leans over the bed, kissing and squeezing her ass from behind. Johnny rolls her over, suckling his tongue flat up her naked twat. Emma tries to get as much of Johnny in her mouth as possible, using her hand to manipulate his dick. Johnny eagerly accepts Emma's unsaid pleas and focuses on Emma's pleasure. Emma bumps and grinds on Johnny's hardon, and he guides her until she erupts with ecstasy. Johnny exits the vehicle and erupts all over Emma's posterior, causing his sperm to cascade down her ass crack.
Burning Desire - S30:E23
Boy / Girl
Tiffany Tatum arrives at Raul Costa's door, revealing her thong and bra. They enter the foyer, taking off their clothes and enjoying each other's company. Tiffany's legs go on high heels, revealing her bra, thong, and thigh highs. Raul can't take his eyes off her blond hair, and she draws him closer. She slides down on Raul's fuck stick and crawls onto his lap, ensnaring him. They ride him until their heart's content increases. Raul uses his mouth and fingers to entice Tiffany, caressing her clit and slamming his finger into her fuck hole. He then curls up behind her, spooning, leaving Tiffany feeling like she's having another orgasm. The slender coed releases Raul's arms and pets his hardon, giving her a taste of his unadulterated passion.