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Risque Romance - S21:E11

Renato and Azazai have a passionate meeting that soon turns sensuous as they set down their wineglasses and give each other intense kisses. Azazai isn't afraid to yank Renato's pants open and reveal her boyfriend's already-hard, ready-to-suck cock. She gives it a taste, then lets Renato take her inside so they can continue their relationship in a more sedate environment. After gradually removing Azazai's clothes, Renato rubs his girlfriend's exposed twat and pulls off her thong. He takes his time to give her a tight squeeze and a complete, delicate breast squeeze now that he has opened his treat. Though Azazai adores his touch, she would much rather curl up in his lap and resume sucking his stiffie. After a period of enjoying the warm dampness, Renato gets Azazai up on her hands and knees. Renato drives two fingers into her avaricious twat and stiffens his tongue to probe her fragile anus now that she's opened to his advances. Azazai is soon expressing her enthusiasm through a chorus of sex demands that only intensifies when Renato substitutes his rock-hard dick for his fingers. This tough pairing is off to a fantastic start with her pussy being pounded doggy style, but Azazai will need to be fulfilled in different ways. Renato curls up behind her to spoon with her, and she falls onto her side, meeling her agreement. Renato enters Azazai from behind and drives in and out of her twat, wrapping one arm around to stroke her clit. He doesn't hold back. Turning over on her back, Azazai spreads her legs wide to provide Renato still another point of entry. Azazai immerses Azazai is at least satisfied by the time he has done wringing every last bit of enthusiasm out of her. Desiring to provide Renato with an equal amount of pleasure, Azazai falls to her knees and resumes her mouthful of sucking him till he releases a torrent of cum, giving her the much-needed facial.

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Pristine Edge and Bambino return to their apartment after their date and engage in passionate cocksuckling. Bambino discovers Pristine is naked, worshiping her hairless twat and licking and suckleing her tender areas. Pristine eagerly cocksucks Bambino's dick, igniting their passion. She then hops onto an outdoor couch, enjoying Bambino's lusty pussy feast before he positions his head at her pussy before sliding home. Pristine's fervor is unmatched, and she sucks Bambino's dick again, stoking their love to even greater heights. Bambino pushes at Pristine from behind, causing her to enter a mystical realm of orgasmic bliss. Pristine whips around, using her tongue and hands to push Bambino to his own climax, feeling her boyfriend's hot cum coating her face.
Absolute Beauty - S21:E2
Boy / Girl
Aisha, a stunning blonde, is admired by Nick Ross for her svelte figure. He gently presses her back onto the bed, admiring her breasts and the opening in her tights. Aisha reaches for Nick's cock and starts sucking, squeezing his dick between her lips. She enjoys his firm strokes and squeals of pleasure. As Nick lies down on the bed, Aisha dictates the tempo, enjoying the way his dick slides along his insides. She gleefully bouncing away, exploding with passion and a moan of completion. Nick exits the scene and completes the scene by launching his cum shot all over Aisha's breasts.
Wanted - S21:E14
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Sydney Cole, Brad Sterling's boyfriend, is in town and is unsure of what she wants from him. Sydney takes Brad's hand and indulges in a hairless pussy feast, licking his delicate slit. She licks and suckes Brad off with her zeal, and he watches in lust. Sydney then stands up and spins around, allowing Brad to see her true desires. He banges her pussy hard instead of using softer touches. Sydney enjoys being treated more roughly, but she wants control over her final pleasure. She pushes Brad onto the desk, hops on, and slides down for a full-on, intense fuck fest. She returns to her work with her seductive small mouth, knowing she will continue sucking until Brad gives her his cum shot.
Blonde Arousal - S21:E21
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Alexa Grace prepares to impress Tyler Nixon by wearing sheer underwear and elegant high heels. She gently caresses Tyler, allowing him to awaken and realize his talent. Alexa begins by pealing off his underwear to kiss the tip of Tyler's hardon and take the entire thing in her mouth for a deep throat blowjob. She moves down Tyler's stiffie until she is completely impaled, then lets go of her sheer bra, increasing their mutual enjoyment. Tyler licks away, immersing himself in her sensual snatch, and they continue to enjoy each other's company. Alexa sucks Tyler dry and gulps down every last drop of hot, salty bliss.