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Satisfied Emotions - S5:E28

Kari and Victoria Sweet, both dressed in skimpy underwear, meet and plant long kisses and tender touches all over each other's bodies. Victoria pulls down Kari's top to reveal her bare breasts and leans in to nibble and suck at her partner's rough, diamond-like nipples. Victoria excitedly imitates her woman's movements, treating Kari's full tits with the same tender care that Kari showed her. Before long, the girls are sharing a table and Victoria is back to her interrupted oral assault on Kari's tender breasts. She moves carefully down her lover's body, slidin thong off Kari and down her long legs so she could sweep her palms over her toned, tanned stomach the long sweeps. Victoria's velvet tongue touches Kari's moist slit, causing her to gasp quietly and part her long legs. Victoria enthusiastically licks, running her tongue along her partner's moist slit. She then inserts two fingers into Kari's narrow opening and pumps harder to intensify the gentle seduction. It doesn't take long for Kari to blow up in her woman's arms with such lovely care, climaxing in a loud yell of ecstasy. The lovers trade places, with Kari taking care of Victoria's enjoyment next. Kari replicates her woman's activities on her once more. Her hand slips under Victoria's white thong to touch her landing strip pussy as she begins to feast on her ample breasts, licking and sucking. Victoria takes off her underwear when she becomes too desperate and moist to continue standing in her clothing. Kari seizes the opportunity, lapping at the tight bud of Victoria's clit while forcing her fingers into her tight warmth and thrusting forcefully and quickly. Victoria feels sated and exhausted when the combined stimulation coils immense pleasure deep in her abdomen and lets it erupt in a spectacular climax.

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Lucy Doll and Stella Cox are passionate and lustrous, kissing and suckling each other's nipples before climbing the stairs to the loft. Lucy takes the lead, exposing herself to Stella's tongue and licking her snatch. She uses her hands to manipulate Stella, using a toy to entice her off. Stella wishes she had more control over Lucy's enjoyment, but Lucy obliges, fucking her tight twat with skilled flicks of her wrist. She then turns her onto her back to use her tongue and the toy again. After an afternoon of stimulation, Stella is left panting and boneless, feeling a sense of pleasure that takes her over the edge.
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Marry Lynn and Scarlet Red discover a pole for sensual roller skating and engage in a passionate cunnlingis session. Scarlet enjoys Marry's luscious twat and nipples, while Marry takes things slow and exposes herself to the intense beating. Scarlet teases Marry's tight snatch with a long, thick dildo before inserting it into her lover's fuck hole. Marry smashes the object into her lover's fuck hole, making Scarlet's body tremble. The two women grind and slam against the toy to their heart's delight, eventually meeting their sexual desires in a passionate dance.
Love To Love You - S8:E16
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Doo Angel and Clover, two lovers, enjoy a girl's day together trying on stylish outfits. Clover stands tall and caresses her lean figure, much to Dido's delight. After removing their skimpy clothes, they continue their seductive seduction using their tongue, hands, and mouth. Clover switches places with Dido, sending her into a state of pleasure with long tongue sweeps and hand caresses. Dido fervently devours Clover's thirsty pussy, but she struggles to achieve the desired position. Clover drives two stiff fingers into her bald sheath for a hard pussy fingering, eager to make up for the favor. After a few crazy moments, the two women exchange long kisses.
In Control - S14:E9
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Marry Lynn bound blonde Halle Von, allowing her to act as she pleases. They engage in a hot and heavy climax, with Marry's snatch drier and her fluids seeping everywhere. Halle is ecstatic to experience the same joy, and Marry inserts her finger into her fuck hole. A surprise present is revealed: a large glass dildo. Halle takes the dildo to her twat, pounding it in and out while expertly using her tongue to stroke Marry's clit. Marry loses herself in a powerful orgasm that marks the beginning of their relationship.
How Sweet It Is - S41:E28
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Anie Darling, Ricky Rascal's girlfriend, enters the bedroom wearing one of his shirts and confronts his lack of focus with a tactic. She changes into a lingerie bra and thong outfit, and Ricky follows her into the bedroom. Anie kisses Ricky passionately, then strokes his dick. She licks and suckers his balls and cock, eventually climbing on his back. As she feels fuller, a hidden smile appears on her lips. Ricky spoons behind her, and they lower the ante. Ricky caress Anie's hair and neck, and Anie notices that Ricky is curled up. She gives her partner attention with her adorable feet, making him go crazy over them.
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Bailey Ryder and Silvie Luca are two lustful, sexy girls who enjoy slow kisses and foreplay in their skimpy underwear. Bailey assists Silvie in removing her lover's thong and using her tongue to savor her smooth, shaved pussy. They engage in passionate pussy feasts, with Bailey finding her moist and responsive to her fingertips. Silvie eagerly licks and suckers Bailey's landing strip pussy, letting her tongue work the work. As they continue their passionate kissing and caressing, they are satisfied with the fruits of their lovemaking.