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Sensual Surprises - S46:E28

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The Right Touch - S32:E12
Boy / Girl
Casey, dressed in a necktie, is a stunning figure who enjoys masturbating in front of Jason X. He begins by pinching her ass and bringing her closer with the necktie. Casey licks Jason's body, then slides down and rides him. Jason sets the pace, and Casey picks up the pace. He then leads Casey onto her stomach for intense intercourse, slamming his balls into her warm, inviting warmth. In a final act of unbridled desire, Jason nuzzles Casey's tummy, ensuring she is completely fulfilled.
Hang Up The Phone - S37:E19
Boy / Girl
Haley Reed, Damon Dice's boyfriend, is tired of his constant phone calls and tries to distract him with various methods. She masturbates Damon's dick, tries to avoid his hand, and eventually removes the phone. Damon is attentive and explores Haley's body with his fingertips. He apologizes for not paying more attention earlier and gives Haley the fullness she's been longing for. Haley establishes an euphoric tempo, swaying her hips and nipples in Damon's face. She crawls onto the couch, humming with pleasure, and rubbing her clit until she erupts with passion, nut all over her back. Damon's attention and affection make Haley grin at her accomplishment.
Worth The Risk - S38:E30
Boy / Girl
Tech interviewer Blake Blossom is determined to uncover the truth about Tyler Nixon, who has been catty about the details. When Tyler refuses to talk, Blake pursues the details in a different method, exposing her cleavage and exposing her pants. Tyler is ready to reveal the truth after accepting Blake's offer. They move to Tyler's bedroom, where Tyler pulls her thong off and finger fucks her while Blake strokes her boobies. Blake takes over and mounts Tyler in a backward cowgirl motion, causing Tyler to twitches and shoo jumper puppies into Tyler's face. Tyler accepts her seductive offer, giving Blake a solid pounding and teasing her clit. He blows his load all over Blake's face, then lets her show off her cleavage for one last round of titty fucking.
January 2021 Fantasy Of The Month - S1:E9
Boy / Girl
Troy Francisco, dressed as a manservant, arrives in the kitchen to fulfill Kyler Quinn's desires. He offers her a platter of erotic devices and tastes her musky fluids. Troy then plays with her favorite toys, his mouth and cock, in the bedroom. He begins with oral sex, moving down Kyler's body with kisses and lying between her legs. He then fucks her slowly and deliberately, adjusting the angle of entry and spinning her around. Troy then pushes his hardon to her clit, allowing her to stuff his large, fat stiffie into her mouth. He then guides her into the ideal position, stroking her ass with his dick's head in a seductive manner. Troy finally blows his load all over Kyler's belly to make her appreciate his hard work.