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Serenya Gomez

Wearing tight denim shorts and red spike heels, brunette hottie Serenya Gomez is seated on the edge of the dining table. She gets up to show off her legs and slides her hand down inside the shorts, then turns around and pulls them up to show off her flawless ass cheeks. Serenya takes little time to undress and get ready to sex, removing her top and hotpants! She dribbles oil onto her pussy after sloshing it over her nipples and down her firm stomach. She uses the glass bottle as a sex toy, rubbing herself all over before lying down on the dining table! She uses it to fuck her juicy, swollen pussy before using some black tongs to clamp her pussy lips together. Serenya turns them around, gaping her pussy open while simultaneously engaging in a full-blown masturbation. This lustful girl uses a pink vibrator to bend over in a doggy fashion and savor her pussy some more. She reclines and experiences a shivering orgasm while her ass is still in the air!

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