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Sexual Tension - S12:E20

As they push one another to reach their greatest potential, Kacy Lane and Bruce Venture, her exercise partner, are experiencing intense sexual tension. When Bruce gives up on his sit-ups, Kacy is willing to step it up a notch by giving his enormous cock a seductive blowout. Bruce immediately begins removing Kacy's garments, making her sports bra and thong a thing of the past. After she is fully nude, he spits a lot to moisten her hairless pussy and inserts two fingers deep into her twat-desiring area. Kacy's hunger for cock is piqued by having her pussy fingered, so she eagerly continues her interrupted blowjob. Before lifting Kacy up and putting her down on his dick so they can have some fun on their feet, Bruce takes a few moments to appreciate the pressure. Bruce then takes a nap on Kacy's exercise mat, allowing the attractive spinner to settle into his erection and have an exhilarating ride. Kacy is soon brought off by their bouncing hips, and as her body continues to hum with ecstasy, she drops to her knees and puts her cock-hungry lips around his manhood. Bruce drags Kacy's delicate body around, determined to give her the pleasure she deserves. They settle into a hot and heavy 69 that takes them both back to the brink of euphoria. Kacy hops back on Bruce's dick for a rough and swift ride as she approaches another climax. Bruce leans Kacy over and gives her a doggy-style pussy bashing after helping her up onto the exercise equipment. As Bruce continues his sensual assault on the brunette spinner and satisfies all of her insatiable wants, the brunette spinner's cries of delight fill the room. When Kacy is completely content and satiated, she forces Bruce to loose his load all over her delicious mouth by

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Sexual Power - S9:E9
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Natasha White is searching for her partner, Jake Taylor, and is determined to get it. She puts a blindfold over his eyes to intensify the pleasure and pulls his cock to allow her to suck it between her eagerly puffed lips. She then jumps into Jake's lap, placing her hairless pussy on his dick. They then move around, moving to the wall by the stairs, where Jake presses into Natasha's tight twat and supports her back. They suckle and lick her tight clit and buries his face between her legs. Natasha rolls onto her stomach, inviting Jake to pound into her from behind with her delicious ass up.
Before You Leave - S11:E22
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After a night with boyfriend Van Wylde, Kacy Lane wakes up early to enjoy a sexual encounter. Van's hands wander, exposing Kacy's boobs and licking his fuck hole. Kacy takes charge, giving Van a long blowjob, focusing on her shaved twat. She rides Van's body, impales herself on his cock, and launches into a hip-thrusting pussy ride. Van leads the way, turning Kacy onto her back and assisting her in opening herself up for his. After a pulsating climax, Van can no longer contain his enjoyment and Kacy knows what to do. She jumps to her knees, opens her mouth to receive Van's jizz, and massages his jizz into her skin.
Cum Covered - S15:E8
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Gina Gerson discovers her partner, Kristof Cale, sleeping and unable to enjoy her playful maneuvers. Despite this, she rouses him up and licks his lips. She then reveals his cock and savors every inch of his cock with deliberate thrusts. Gina can't resist biting his dick and enjoys a wild time. She then engages in spooning sex to get deep penetration and long kisses. To repay her kindness, Gina uses her tiny hands to entice Kristof into giving her a hot sperm.
Let Me In - S13:E29
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Lindsey Woods, dressed in a form-fitting dress, finds herself locked out of Logan Pierce's house. Despite her appearance, Logan wakes up and embraces her. They engage in a passionate, dog-style sex, with Logan pounding her tight pussy with his large dick. Lindsey's ecstatic shouts fill the room, and she continues to get her pussy penetrated. Logan's strokes are slow at first, but eventually, he hammers into her fuck hole, making her breasts bounce. Lindsey jumps onto Logan's lap and grabs the wheel, feeling the pulsating pleasure of her hot body.
How Can We Thank You - S43:E15
Threesome FFM
Bonnie Dolce and Lilly Bella are appreciative of Raul Costa's quick investigation into their non-functioning fireplace. They invite him to the couch and engage in a heated and sensual beat. Bonnie has her turn with the D, while Lilly sits with her thighs spread wide and her face tucked in between them. Raul observes Lilly as she settles into his lap, meowing with pleasure. When Bonnie's turn comes, they both have one final euphoric hurrah as she feasts on Lilly's pussy. When they are satisfied, the girls ensure Raul receives the right compensation for his work and drag him off for a double facial.