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Showstopper - S17:E3

Sensational Belle When Claire walks into the room wearing nothing but a lace bra and underwear, she isn't hiding her intentions for Richy. She removed her bra in a matter of seconds and put her hands on her breasts to play with her extremely firm nipples and juggle the heavy knockers. Richy is unable to decline Belle's invitation. After removing her underwear, he places her on the bed and divides her thighs to allow his tongue and mouth to glide over her velvety touch. Upon discovering her damp and prepared, he participates with his fingertips to enhance Belle's enjoyment. In an attempt to repay Richy, Belle switches places with him in order to suck him off like a Hoover. She begins to swallow and stroke with her hands and smiling mouth. When she decides Richy is strong enough, she slides down onto his lap, impaling herself on his hard rod and causing her hips to move in a pattern that makes her body tremble with desire and her breasts to bounce. Belle can't contain her enthusiasm as they go to a doggy style. Belle is pounding back and forth to create the friction she desires even before Richy is fully shoved into her snatch. Belle can't help but groan as Richy finally settles on the tempo she desires, especially when she leans forward to rub her clit and accidentally pushes herself over the brink of ecstasy. Richy's career is far from over, therefore Belle is willing to allow him to try and give her another series of exciting moments. As he pushes home, she turns onto her back, splits her thighs, and embraces him. His thrusts find the perfect place to press all of Belle's buttons, and before long, she's gasping with joy once Pulling out, he lets Belle handle him with her skilled hands and cradle him with her knees till he explodes in a shower of love and devotion all over her chest and boobs.

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Worth The Risk - S38:E30
Boy / Girl
Tech interviewer Blake Blossom is determined to uncover the truth about Tyler Nixon, who has been catty about the details. When Tyler refuses to talk, Blake pursues the details in a different method, exposing her cleavage and exposing her pants. Tyler is ready to reveal the truth after accepting Blake's offer. They move to Tyler's bedroom, where Tyler pulls her thong off and finger fucks her while Blake strokes her boobies. Blake takes over and mounts Tyler in a backward cowgirl motion, causing Tyler to twitches and shoo jumper puppies into Tyler's face. Tyler accepts her seductive offer, giving Blake a solid pounding and teasing her clit. He blows his load all over Blake's face, then lets her show off her cleavage for one last round of titty fucking.
Handle Your Man - S37:E12
Threesome FFM
Jessie Saint and her husband, Seth Gamble, are struggling with marital issues. Jessie serves her friend Alex Coal, who shares her feelings for Seth and suggests that a threesome could sometimes revive a marriage's flame. Alex agrees to support Jessie, and when Seth ignores Jessie's advances, he follows her into the bedroom and sucks Seth's cock. Jessie learns new gobbling tactics from Alex, and they enjoy a pussy feast. Seth follows Jessie home, giving her a puppy. As Seth watches her eat her friend out while he fucks her, the spark returns. Seth drags Alex up onto him for a rough and tumble, and Jessie gesticulates to see her husband fucking her friend. By the time the girls form a triangle of love, Jessie's pussy is saturated with the sight and sensations.
Love Me Like That - S38:E14
Ashley Lane discovers footage of Will Pounder having sex with previous girlfriends on his phone. She hides her spying before Will discovers it. After searching for Will's phone, she watches the videos again, and Will catches Ashley caressing her pussy. They agree to be fucked by Will, similar to his previous girlfriends. Ashley opens with a careless blowjob, crawls onto Will's hips, and sways her hips during a passionate climax. Ashley cries with joy as Will beats her, and she allows Ashley to put her hand around his cock and pull until he pops all over her hairless twat.
Girls Vs Guys Orgasm Compilation - S41:E30
This compilation showcases females and guys competing in lesbian orgasms. The women enjoy authentic climaxes, while the men demonstrate their ability to suck pussy. The collection includes both genders, with viewers able to watch and comment on whether the boys or gals prevailed. Enjoy the fun and see who wins.
Threesome Love - S1:E24
Threesome FFM
Abigaile Johnson and Ella Milano confront their boyfriend Giovanni in the hallway, with mischievous ideas. They give passionate kisses while licking and sucking at their reward. Giovanni pushes his dick off her legs to run his tongue over her soft pussy, while Ella suckles on Abigaile's breasts. In the bedroom, they decide to play the aggressor and Abigaile resumes kissing. Ella licks Abigaile's body, while Giovanni runs his tongue up Ella's slit. Abigaile presses her full breasts into Giovanni's mouth, and Giovanni fucks her lover slowly. Ella reclines on the bed, welcoming her man's cock back into her sobbing pussy. Abigaile leaps upon her partner and gives her a passionate kiss. Giovanni gives both women equal attention, causing Giovanni to erupt all over Abigaile's back and rounded ass, unable to contain his climax.