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Cum Before You Go - S32:E14
Boy / Girl
Emma Hix, a detonation model, wears a subtle makeup and is admired by Zac Wild. After getting ready, Zac gently kisses Emma's delicate shoulders and neck, then winds her up and knees her ass. Emma jumps into Zac's arms, expressing her desire for more intense sexual encounters. She draws Zac in close, expressing her desire for more intense sexual encounters. Emma crawls forward, grabbing Zac's hardon and expressing her desire for more intense sexual encounters. Zac falls with Emma, showing her excitement about a deep dive. Emma spreads her thighs and uses a forceful handie to remove Zac from her bare twat, writhing in agony from her last orgasmic bliss. Emma gives Zac a kiss and smile after being fed and clothed.
Intense Passion - S27:E5
Boy / Girl
Emma Hix and Johnny Castle approach a bed, keeping their mouths shut. Johnny lifts Emma's miniskirt, revealing her thong-covered ass and thigh-high stockings. He peels Emma's dress off, revealing a lingerie bra that accentuates her small tits. Emma leans over the bed, kissing and squeezing her ass from behind. Johnny rolls her over, suckling his tongue flat up her naked twat. Emma tries to get as much of Johnny in her mouth as possible, using her hand to manipulate his dick. Johnny eagerly accepts Emma's unsaid pleas and focuses on Emma's pleasure. Emma bumps and grinds on Johnny's hardon, and he guides her until she erupts with ecstasy. Johnny exits the vehicle and erupts all over Emma's posterior, causing his sperm to cascade down her ass crack.
Waiting On You - S20:E29
Boy / Girl
Stella Cox, dressed in lingerie, eagerly awaits Ryan Driller's return home. As they engage in sexual activities, Stella starts finger fucking and caressing her lustful puss under her thong. Ryan joins her antics, licking her glistening snatch and suckling his fingers deep into her twat. Stella enjoys giving Ryan a deep throat and continues to sucke at her own speed. As Stella reaches for her clit, her pleasure intensifies. She gropes and fondles her jiggling breasts, and they work together to grope and fondle her jiggling breasts. Stella holds herself steady while Ryan squeezes her tits extra hard. After confirming Stella's content, he loads all over her exposed belly and mound, leaving her feeling clingy and gummy.