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Take A Dip - S9:E3

erotic Gina Devine is making out with her partner Lutro by the pool while she is basking in the sun outside. To allow Lutro access to Gina's little tits and delicate, swollen nipples, her top is removed first. Satisfied by his early discoveries, he puts Gina to sleep so he may continue to lick and caress her tits. Gina's thong then flies up, revealing her flawless pink pussy. Lutro wants to devour his woman immediately, but Gina is sick of merely taking in the attention. In order for Gina to experience the sensation of a large, hard cock in her mouth while her partner gives her a fiery pussy licking, the couple makes a compromise and climbs into a 69. When Gina realizes she has to have her cock satisfied, she slides home till she is completely impaled while mounting her lover in a reverse cowgirl manner. The brunette is riding with long, flowing strokes and enjoying her own stud. Following a quick cocksucking session, Gina assumes Lutro's position, lying down on the outdoor cushion, and sighs with pleasure as her lover enters her from behind in the spooning position. He begins his strokes slowly and gently, but as Gina's gasps and cries of pleasure get louder, he quickens his pace to give her a proper pounding of the pussy. Lutro is only too pleased to accept Gina's offer as she rolls onto her hands and knees and assumes the doggie posture, kicking her ass up into the air. He simply slides into her hairless pussy and holds her hips while he fucks and fills her eager snatch with such intensity that it shakes her little boobs. Gina is taken to the brink of ecstasy in a body-shaking climax that also milks the cum from her partner, and this final position strikes the mark exactly. The sensation of her lover's lustful fluids

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The Perfect Creampie - S31:E9
Boy / Girl
Mia Evans, dressed in a crimson nightgown, is passionate about exposing herself to Renato on the stairs. Renato covers her breasts and teasing her nipples, pushing her thong aside and lifting her skirt for him to taste her sweet fluids. Mia becomes engrossed in Renato's pussy feast, eventually crawling up Renao's body until his hardon is in contact with her personal paradise. She guides herself down until she is fully impaled on his fuck stick, then licks and sucks it. She then descends into Renato's lap, continuing her orgasm. Renato reaches his limit as he feels her delicate walls pulsing, allowing him to indulge in his orgasm and suck Mia with a creamy, salty kiss.