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That Special Time - S8:E18

Gorgeous blonde Skylar Green smiles as she steps out of her luxurious bath, ready to get back into the fray when she kisses her partner Tyler Nixon awake. The moment the sweet-smelling nude woman is in his arms, Tyler is open to it, kissing and caressing her body before hardening up right away. Skylar swiftly licks her way down his body and extracts his firm cock so she can take him in her warm, eager mouth as soon as she feels her man's manhood thrusting. The blonde is beaming, clearly enjoying herself as she licks and bobbles her head. Tyler is eager to indulge in some amazing oral sex of his own. He pushes Skylar to lean against the headboard of the bed so he can suck his tongue and bury his face in the warm, moist texture of her deliciously shaved pussy. He's fully engrossed in his delectable work, driving the blonde crazy with his tongue while using his hands to grip her luscious bottom. Now that they're both preheated and prepared, Skylar initiates their romantic activities once more. She mounts her partner in a reverse cowgirl manner, putting herself on his erect dick and bouncing around a bit. Before long, Tyler loses patience and starts to twat Skylar tightly, his hands gripping her hips. The couple repositions themselves into the more intimate spooning position as their passion grows. Skylar's moans of approbation let Tyler know that he's hitting all of her buttons as he pushes into her from behind, his hands unable to stay off her petite tits and hard little nipples. Skylar rolls onto her hands and knees, putting her delicious twat in the air to allow her man to snatch her from behind. Tyler gladly accepts and, to the sound of his partner's frantic groans, repeatedly slides Tyler's efforts are rewarded when Skyler turns around and maintains eye contact with her partner, culminating in a dramatic moment as Skylar collapses into his arms. Shortly after, the blonde scurries out of bed and eagerly opens her mouth to receive a facial from her man's climax that is dripping wet.

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Blonde Arousal - S21:E21
Boy / Girl
Alexa Grace prepares to impress Tyler Nixon by wearing sheer underwear and elegant high heels. She gently caresses Tyler, allowing him to awaken and realize his talent. Alexa begins by pealing off his underwear to kiss the tip of Tyler's hardon and take the entire thing in her mouth for a deep throat blowjob. She moves down Tyler's stiffie until she is completely impaled, then lets go of her sheer bra, increasing their mutual enjoyment. Tyler licks away, immersing himself in her sensual snatch, and they continue to enjoy each other's company. Alexa sucks Tyler dry and gulps down every last drop of hot, salty bliss.