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Two Of A Kind - S21:E8

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Late Night - S17:E6
Boy / Girl
After their date, Ariana Marie prepares for love with Jessy Jones. Jessy takes off Ariana's bra and gives her a long, wet pussy licking, diving face-first into his thick landing strip. Ariana presses her boobs together to give him a titty fuck, craving his creamy fuck hole. She gives him a brief but passionate blowjob with her lips wrapped around his shaft. Ariana surrenders to Jessy, curled up against him, and they continue spooning. When Ariana decides to be in control, she lets her lips hang open for more cocksucking. Jessy is brought to her knees, allowing him to cover her tiny ass with his jizz. Ariana takes her time licking the last bits of sperm from Jessy's cock and unwinds in post-sex bliss.
In The Mood - S17:E13
Boy / Girl
Paula and her lover Dan enjoy a fun night of streaming videos and cuddling in bed. Dan introduces himself by giving Paula tender touches and sultry looks. Initially, Paula rejects his ideas but eventually agrees. Dan massages Paula's breasts, kisses her belly, and removes her underpants. Paula returns the oral sex favor. She licks and sucks Dan's cock, pushing them both to intense levels of desire. Dan licks his tongue over Paula's twat before revealing her ass. Paula returns the favor by massaging Dan's cock with long strokes, reaching his climax of pleasure and overflowing with his love.
Waiting On You - S20:E29
Boy / Girl
Stella Cox, dressed in lingerie, eagerly awaits Ryan Driller's return home. As they engage in sexual activities, Stella starts finger fucking and caressing her lustful puss under her thong. Ryan joins her antics, licking her glistening snatch and suckling his fingers deep into her twat. Stella enjoys giving Ryan a deep throat and continues to sucke at her own speed. As Stella reaches for her clit, her pleasure intensifies. She gropes and fondles her jiggling breasts, and they work together to grope and fondle her jiggling breasts. Stella holds herself steady while Ryan squeezes her tits extra hard. After confirming Stella's content, he loads all over her exposed belly and mound, leaving her feeling clingy and gummy.
Love Me Like That - S38:E14
Ashley Lane discovers footage of Will Pounder having sex with previous girlfriends on his phone. She hides her spying before Will discovers it. After searching for Will's phone, she watches the videos again, and Will catches Ashley caressing her pussy. They agree to be fucked by Will, similar to his previous girlfriends. Ashley opens with a careless blowjob, crawls onto Will's hips, and sways her hips during a passionate climax. Ashley cries with joy as Will beats her, and she allows Ashley to put her hand around his cock and pull until he pops all over her hairless twat.