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March 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S4:E4
Boy / Girl
Theodora Day, Chad Alva's wife, dressed up for St. Patrick's Day and wore sheer green underwear. She sneaked up behind him to give him a good luck charm, but Chad refused, giving in easily. He kissed her mouth and then sucked her in. Theodora was drawn to Chad's fuck stick, and he banged her close. She met Chad with a sensual stroke, and he sat on his hips, letting her titties wiggle up and down. Chad found the ultimate aphrodisiac in Theodora's breathy murmurs and blew his load all over her ass, joining her in an orgasmic state.
February 2022 Fantasy Of The Month - S3:E1
Boy / Girl
Andi Rose, a stunning fantasy girl, is dressed in a robe and thong and heads towards Sam Shock, waiting for a romantic encounter. Their intimate moment begins with a gentle kiss, which escalates into mutual masturbation. Sam, content with the BJ, demands to go inside for a feast of pussies in exchange. Andi invites Sam back inside for a Valentine's Day celebration, and he fully commits to her. Andi participates in a doggie manner, and Sam watches her perform a cowgirl mount on him. Andi lies down on Sam's chest, but Sam takes control and kisses her on her shoulders and neck. Andi drops to her knees, sucking Sam until he captures a shot of his love.
Friends And Lovers - S46:E9
Ivi Rein and Lucky Bee, two friends, have just returned from a lingerie shopping trip. Ivi, Lucky's girlfriend, joins her and her boyfriend, Charlie Dean, in a threesome. They exchange bras and apply makeup, and Charlie observes. They suck dick enthusiastically, causing Ivi to end up on her back. Lucky then gorges on her, and the girls swap roles, allowing Ivi to ride Charlie in cowgirl mode. They create a lesbian 69, which Charlie offers to Ivi. Charlie fucks Ivi until he creampies her in a treat, leaving both girls happy.