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Wet Wild And Hot - S20:E19

Leah Gotti opens the shower and runs a warm stream of water. She takes her time lathering up under the spray, highlighting her juicy ass and full perky boobs. She wants something more satisfying than a shower as her fingertips slide along her damp skin. Her yearning is eventually fulfilled when Van Wylde comes to join her. Leah holds Van's hand and guides him under the spray, rubbing his cock till the water has made it slippery and moist. In response, he gives her exposed pussy a quick palm. Van drops to his knees and uses his tongue in place of his hand to savor Leah's juicy twat. He also plays with his lips, using all the tricks he knows to make his woman feel good. Van gets back up on his feet and gives each of Leah's breasts an open-mouthed kiss before guiding her down to encircle his hard-rock dick with her soft lips. She clearly enjoys bobbing her head back and forth, licking and sucking Van's shaft all the way down, and is eager to give the requested blowjob. They are both itching for the real thing after she gives them a titty fuck after her incredible blowjob. Leah gets up, spins around so her bubble butt faces Van, presses her hands to the wall, and hangs on for dear life as Van comes around the corner and begins a hard, quick pussy beating. Leah's hips move in sync with Van's strokes, intensifying their mutual enjoyment to the point where she can't contain her ecstasy. Leah can't contain her groans at the pleasure of this new perspective when they move things up so that she stands on just one leg and raises the other to open her Van's new perch allows him to lustfully watch as his sultry sweetheart rides his stiffie as the water swells around them. Her booty-bouncing technique is perfect for them both, bringing them closer and closer to the moment of climax. Leah is the first to give in and let herself go over the brink, letting out an exuberant groan as she enjoys herself. Then, while she stays down to the ground in the ideal cocksucking posture, she assists Van in getting back up on his feet. Her efforts soon pay off when Van gives her a spray of come that makes her smile and feel satisfied.

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