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You And I Together - S10:E1

Glamorous Kiera Winters walks up to her partner Tyler Nixon in only a matching bra and thong, ready to offer him some morning pleasure. She takes off her bra to reveal her little tits even before she gets into bed with him, but she keeps the thong on for Tyler to take off at his own pace. As soon as they start making out on the bed, Tyler becomes hot and bothered, pulled Kiera's panties aside and stuck a finger in her tight, wet pussy. He turns her over and removes her thong to get complete, easy access to her juicy slit when he can no longer bear the suspense. He leans forward and laps at Kiera's cock with his tongue and fingers, making her squirm and scream with pleasure. Kiera's chance to make her man as hot and lustful as she can comes next. She takes her time licking and caressing his massive dick before putting her anxious lips around his stiff cock and starting an enthusiastic blowjob. In order to continue their passionate kissing, the brunette crawls up her partner's body, positioning her lovely snatch so that Tyler may sink his teeth into her soft warmth. For a few minutes, they relish their intimacy, but then Tyler helps Kiera sit up so she can have a cowgirl-style ride that makes her little bosom jiggle. The pair turns over and indulges in some spooning sex. Kiera is dying to see Tyler's new perspective since his dick hits her g-spot and makes her purr like a kitten. Kiera rolls onto her belly and offers her handsome lover her lovely pink pussy. He takes advantage of her soft hole and works her with quick, forceful thrusts. He pushes her to Tyler finds it impossible to resist Kiera's advances when she flops onto her back and spreads her long legs in order to continue pounding! Unable to resist, Tyler shoots his load deep within Kiera's creampie, leaving her glowing with pleasure and a trickle of warm sperm running down her flawless body.

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We Become One - S45:E12
Tory Sweety, a sultry blonde, wears a miniskirt and skimpy bra and rushes to give Ralf Christian a kiss. She strokes Ralf's thigh, clenching his hardon, and enjoys Ralf's masturbation. Ralf cleans Tory's posterior and jams his entire body into Tory's velvet glove. They continue their private enjoyment, spooning together. Tory crawls into Ralf's lap and rides in reverse cowgirl mode, sensing Ralf approaching. As she finds her last peak of pleasure, Tory milks a creampie from Ralf, leaving her sticky and sated.
Tasty Creampie - S14:E29
Boy / Girl
Bruce Venture and Veronica Rodriguez enjoy strawberries and whipped cream together, leading to a foreplay where Veronica takes off Bruce's bra and underwear to lick and suck his hard cock. They engage in a wild, bouncing stiffie ride, with Veronica bouncing in a seductive cadence. Bruce gives her a few sultry bounces before turning the spinner onto her hands and knees. His thrusts cause Veronica's tits to tremble in sync with her fuck hole's ecstatic pulsations, leaving her satisfied and satisfied as her orgasm rolls through her.
Bed Of Roses - S12:E13
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Veronica Rodriguez receives a gift of underwear and rose petals from her boss, Bruce Venture. She discovers an empty jewelry box and rose petals in her bedroom. Bruce surprises her with a necklace and a dick, putting Veronica on her hands and knees. They engage in a thrilling ride, with Veronica demonstrating her spinning body's ability to absorb her lover. When Veronica gets tired of Bruce's cocksucking and cowgirling, he takes over their romantic activities, switching between powerful blows and shallow thrusts. Veronica swaps positions one last time, almost pleased, and Bruce sultryes her with his creamy sperm.
Everything And More - S46:E5
Jason X and Lilly Bella visit their holiday house, dressed to kill. Lilly is upset about Jason's phone call and tries to force him to make a call. Jason takes advantage of Lilly's promises about her body, sucking her pierced nipples. Lilly tries to chase the dick, but Jason slides behind her, causing her to gasp. She falls on her back, and Jason continues their celebration. Lilly bounces in reverse cowgirl mode, and as Jason blows his load and fills her up with a cremapie, her efforts are rewarded.
After Class - S38:E4
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Alex Coal, a teacher, has decided to market herself as a sexual object due to the pandemic. She takes off her tight jumper and glasses, revealing her skin and flaunting her hips. She texts Stirling Cooper, a father of one of her students, to go over for a booty call. Stirling doesn't understand Alex until he meets her face-to-face. Alex reveals her love for Stirling and offers him a pussy feast in return. Stirling fucks her at the ideal height, and Alex performs a balancing performance on one leg. Stirling pushes her hard from behind, filling her to the brim and elongating her in a sensual manner. Stirling finally fulfills his promise by nutting a creampie deep into her pussy, blowing his load.