Brunette cutie Sarah Kay uses the bathtub wand to wash her taut body, but she can't help but touch her lustful, exposed pussy with her hands and the spraying water. Sarah, fully charged and prepared for passion, approaches Kristof Cale to help her control her cravings after putting on a matching bra and sheer panties in front of the mirror. Kristof is delighted to assist Sarah! Sarah climbs up on top of Kristof and gives him a barrage of kisses as she slowly takes off her bra and helps him out of his underwear. Leaning forward, she gives Kristof a quick kiss on the stiffie before bringing his entire length into her mouth. Sarah Kay, a gorgeous brunette, uses the bathtub to wash her taut physique. She doesn't take long to start sucking fervently and bending forward to stroke Kristof's manhood along her stomach. Now that she's got Kristof acting crazy, Sarah makes the decision to make the most of the predicament she's put herself in. She takes down her underwear and gets onto Kristof's member to enjoy some private time with her personal stud. She grips her bouncing boobs to increase her pleasure while her hips are constantly moving and creating exquisite friction. Sarah Sarah wouldn't have it any other way, but his pussy pounding is anything but delicate. Her squeals of delight reverberate throughout the space, particularly as Kristof pushes her to the brink of rapture and left her gasping for air. After turning Sarah over, Kristof immediately returns to work. In addition to using lengthy stiffie strokes to manipulate her juicy snatch, he also plants his hand on her clit to provide delicious pressure to her most sensitive spots. Not only does the position make Sarah feel better, but it also pushes Kristof past his breaking point. Sarah is ecstatic when he shoots his load deep into her twat and fills her with his love.

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