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Best Ride Of Her Life - S7:E10

An afternoon by the pool is enjoyed by Delphine and her partner Lutro. While Lutro curls up in his recliner with his eyes closed, Delphine takes her time in the outdoor shower. When his partner raises herself above his face and places her deliciously shaven pussy in the ideal licking position, he is in for a delicious surprise. Lutro enjoys his treat slowly, working his blonde bombshell's eager clit with his tongue while he eats it out. Delphine won't let her partner leave without giving him his fair share of pleasure. She initiates a steamy 69 by bending forward, pushing the towel away from Lutro's erect cock, and taking him deep in her mouth. Before long, the couple's lust for each other becomes unbearable. Delphine advances till she is precisely above her partner's erection. Sinking down, she impales herself on Lutro's dick, setting off a wild journey that only gets hotter and hotter. They keep going in this manner for a while, enjoying their pleasure, but as the chemistry grows, the lovers must become even more abrasive. To show her man how to take her doggy style, Delphine gets on her knees and raises her ass in the air. Lutro enthusiastically thrusts and strokes, yanking Delphine's blond hair and raising her into the air. It doesn't take long for the adorable coed to reach its peak with such incredible attention. But the couple isn't done yet. Repositioning his girlfriend against the umbrella, Lutro gives her something to grip while he pumps his hips as quickly as possible in and out of her avaricious pussy. Delphine sighs in satisfaction as her entire body trembles with another orgasm. Lutro is next, and Delphine is eager to get rid of him! In an attempt to condition her beau for an orgasm, she drops to her

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A First Time For Everything - S1:E9
Lilly Banks, a blonde, spots Danny Mountain outside and tries to impress him with her tongue skills. He helps her with her hands and knees, licks and suckles her shaved pussy, and surprises her by eating her alive. After a few minutes, Lilly exposes her ass to Danny, allowing him to enter her from behind. The deep penetration feels wonderful, and Lilly rolls onto her back, allowing him to continue enjoying himself from her intimate area.
Tight Fit - S14:E5
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Jovan Jordan waits outside to be wooed by blonde hottie Summer Carter, who wears fishnet stockings, a matching bra, and a thong. Summer drops her man's cock and takes Jovan out on a massage table. Jovan takes Summer's position, rolls the thong down her legs, and kneels into her hairless pussy. He continues to kiss her until he dips his cock into her twat. As Summer's snatch gets hot, Jovan takes her to pleasure town, and Summer is thrilled to repay the favor by sucking in luscious sperm from Jovan's pulsating dick.
Real Passion - S18:E1
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Pristine Edge and Bambino return to their apartment after their date and engage in passionate cocksuckling. Bambino discovers Pristine is naked, worshiping her hairless twat and licking and suckleing her tender areas. Pristine eagerly cocksucks Bambino's dick, igniting their passion. She then hops onto an outdoor couch, enjoying Bambino's lusty pussy feast before he positions his head at her pussy before sliding home. Pristine's fervor is unmatched, and she sucks Bambino's dick again, stoking their love to even greater heights. Bambino pushes at Pristine from behind, causing her to enter a mystical realm of orgasmic bliss. Pristine whips around, using her tongue and hands to push Bambino to his own climax, feeling her boyfriend's hot cum coating her face.