Little Latina Pablo Ferrari blindfolds Apolonia Lapiedra and seduces her right away, promising her the greatest pleasure. Pablo starts to playfully ask Apolonia to follow him around the room. Pablo gives her a passionate kiss as soon as she manages to catch up with him. After removing Apolonia's shirt, Pedro kisses her down her small figure till he reaches her legs and pulls her sheer panties down. Pablo picks her up and places her on the table, spreading her legs before burying his face in her landing strip pussy. Pablo teases Apolonia with long, leisurely tongue laps and playful finger thrusts until she is wet and creamy and ready for his thick cock. Pablo takes off the blindfold before proceeding to the main event. After admiring her lover for a time, Apolonia goes forward and warmly puts her mouth to Pablo's manhood. She piques her man's interest in more by applying the ideal amount of suction with her swollen lips. Pablo picks Apolonia up and carries her over to the couch, whereupon he falls on top of her and basks in her warm embrace. Long, deep strokes are enjoyable, but when Pedro sits down and asks Apolonia to come up on top of him, she can set the tempo by performing a reverse cowgirl move before switching back to cowgirl. This is even more enjoyable for both of them. Apolonia curls up with Pablo to spoon, bringing the situation down a notch. Pablo glides into her tight twat from behind and enjoys a few leisurely dick slides before stepping up the tempo in this new, incredibly personal position. As Pablo sets to work filling and fucking her, Apolonia is right there, massaging her clit and letting out little sighs of ecstasy with every stroke. Apolonia gets up and places one foot on the couch so that Pablo can easily have a good look at her from behind. His cock Pablo needs the slick walls of Apolonia's recently climaxed pussy in order to achieve his own release. Just in time, he finishes their passionate kissing by drenching Apolonia's lower back and her buttocks in his hot sperm.

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Passionate Beauty - S18:E5
Boy / Girl
Apolonia Lapiedra spends time alone with her partner Alberto Blanco in the shower, engaging in lengthy strokes and snatching his cock. Alberto ensures his partner is completely soaked before sinking his cock deep into Apolonia's snatch. Apolonia's ecstasy is enhanced by Alberto's hold around her neck, leading to a passionate stiffie ride. Apolonia is overcome with ecstasy and gives Alberto a deep, passionate kiss. Apolonia eagerly awaits Alberto's return and requests to witness his cumming. Alberto gives her a full body sex makeover, leaving her happy and content.