Apolonia Lapiedra spends some quality time alone with her partner in the shower with Alberto Blanco. She lowers herself to her knees, puts her lover's member in her mouth, and begins to stroke and suck Alberto's cock. When Alberto has had enough, he grabs Apolonia and carries her to the bedroom while turning off the shower's spray. Alberta lays Apolonia down on the bed and begins to lick her landing strip tenderly, taking small nibbles from her mouthful of delicious slit. Before pursuing his genuine passion and sinking his cock deep into Apolonia's creamy snatch, Alberto takes his time to ensure that his partner is completely soaked. Apolonia's loud sighs of pleasure are proof that she adores every second of Alberto's lengthy strokes. Apolonia rolls over onto her hands and knees and grinned at Alberto as he smacked her beautiful ass and then slammed into her from behind. Apolonia requires nothing more than their canine-style union, and her ecstasy is enhanced by Alberto's hold around her narrow neck. Apolonia quickly starts a passionate, lustful stiffie ride after pushing Alberto onto his back and getting him up onto his stiff rod. As she works her hips and savors the sensation of fullness that only her lover's dick can provide, her excitement only intensifies. Apolonia is so overcome with ecstasy that she can't help but bend forward and give Alberto a deep, passionate kiss. Apolonia collapses onto her back and extends her legs, gesturing for Alberto to come back inside. Apolonia expresses her want to witness his cumming when he informs her that he is getting near to it. Always willing to oblige, Alberto arrives at the last minute and gives Apolonia a full body sex makeover, leaving her happy and content.

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Blindfold - S18:E18
Boy / Girl
Pablo Ferrari blindfolds Apolonia Lapiedra and seduces her, promising her the greatest pleasure. Pablo kisses her and teasing her with tongue laps and finger thrusts. Apolonia warmly puts her mouth to Pablo's manhood, piques his interest with suction with her swollen lips. Pablo falls on top of her, basking in her warm embrace. Apolonia curls up with Pablo to spoon, and Pablo glides into her tight twat from behind. Apolonia massages her clit and sighs of ecstasy with every stroke. Pablo uses Apolonia's climaxed pussy to achieve his own release, and he finishes their passionate kissing by drenching Apolonia's lower back and buttocks in his hot sperm.