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Desirable Rouse - S6:E4

After a protracted separation, Candy Sweet and her partner Totti are back together and eager to get back to know each other's bodies. Totti begins by ripping off Candy's clothes as quickly as he can, stroking her sensitive body with his lips and tongue, and then followed his fingers. However, Candy isn't going to let her lover have all the fun! Candy smiles as she slides her tongue from his testicles to the tip of his cock and then wraps her hungry lips around his member to give him a long, delicious blowjob. She has freed her beau's manhood from his briefs. Totti takes pleasure in the moist heat from Candy's lips before going back to his objective of giving her the ultimate in sensual pleasure! In order to bury his face in the smoothness of her buttocks and suck her taut little anus, he begs her to stand against the wall with her legs open. He then kneels down in front of her, positioning her lovely, shaven pussy in the ideal licking posture. At last, Totti can no longer bear the thought of being within his girlfriend. With her flawless twat totally exposed, he turns Candy onto her shoulders and laps his tongue over her folds to savor her creamy secretions. Then he gets up and sinks his teeth into her warm embrace, thrusting into her while she lets out a moan of joy. They couple up quickly at first, but they have to experiment with other positions if they want more prolonged sex. After they unite in a missionary fashion, Candy rolls Totti over and rides her own stud. Her hips swaying and her large tits bouncing, she rides him with all the signs of pleasure till she climaxes with a shout of ecstasy. They resume their missionary stance with Candy's He pulls out at the last second, spilling his seed all over Candy's large breasts and flat belly.

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Love Song - S2:E28
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Brunette Hennessy discovers her partner Totti dozing off on a chaise in the shade. They engage in passionate sex, with Totti expressing his lust for her big breasts. Hennessy reveals her breasts when she stands up, and they enjoy their attentions. They move into cowgirl and doggy positions, enjoying the closeness between them. Hennessy keeps her partner steady, while Totti enters her from the back and puts his hands on her tender spots. They return to the chaise for a missionary position, where Totti completes his sexy kiss on Hennessy's breasts. Hennessy smiles tenderly and runs her fingers through his love fluids before pulling him in for another intense kiss.
Fully Exposed - S7:E3
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Amira Adara and her partner Totti are getting hornier as they enjoy an outdoor shower. Amira kisses Totti before he eats her out from behind. Totti takes his time, forming and pressing his hands into Amira's hard ass. Amira tests her wetness with two fingers and decides to have a rough fuck. Before they have a rough fuck, Amira wants to make sure her partner is as hot and eager. She replaces her mouth with her warm, wet pussy and gives Totti a strong ride. They switch to a 69 position and lie naked in the hot summer sun, licking and sucking each other passionately.
Dirty Thoughts - S11:E17
Shaved pussy
Leyla Peachbloom, dressed in a bra and thong, is drawn to her beau Denis Reed, who kisses her down her abdomen and tits until she reaches the top of her thighs. Denis takes time to warm her up and starts a slow blowout. Leyla then places her fuck hole above her man's cock and slides down onto him in a cowgirl fashion. They continue slowly, but Leyla is hoping for something different. She pulls Denis's cock back and grinds his head to her tight rump for a saucy ride. Leyla presents her lover with a delicious snatch doggy style, which he accepts. Denis pulls out at the last second, releasing his white, wet load on Leyla's silky bottom before bringing her to his chest for a final round of tender kisses.