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Dirty Thoughts - S11:E17

Leyla Peachbloom, decked out in nothing but a bra and matching thong, relives the tender hands of her beau Denis Reed as he gradually undoes her garments and entices her lustful body. From the beginning, Denis seizes the initiative, kissing his way down Leyla's flat abdomen and tiny tits till he reaches the top of her thighs. Even though her underwear covers her twat, Denis manages to yank them apart and gives her a passionate pussy licking with his eager tongue. Denis's tongue shows no mercy to Layla after she discards her thong, even into her constricted anus. He takes his time getting his girlfriend warm up there, probing her as he gets her nice and moist with his fingers. Leyla isn't the type to kick back and let her partner do everything! Whenever she has the chance, she kisses her way down her beau's body, using her warm tongue and little hands to encircle Denis's large, firm cock and start a slow, steady blowout. As she settles into a rhythm, her head bobbing becomes more rapid, and Denis lets out a low moan of approval. Leyla creeps forward to place her needy fuck hole precisely above her man's cock and then slides down onto him in a cowgirl fashion once he's ready. Once more, they begin slowly and gently, but Leyla is hoping for something a little different. She pulls her guy's cock back and grinds his head to her tight rump for a saucy ride while grinning. Leyla lies on her back with one leg raised, taking her man's cock deep in her craven twat. She sighs in pleasure as he provides her with a firm, hard ride while massaging her clit and rock hard nipples. For a while, they maintain that speed while Denis draws his partner ever-closer to the brink of bliss. Next Layla gets on her hands and knees and presents her lover with a delicious snatch doggy style, which he gladly accepts. He rides her at the perfect speed, letting Layla take over when her orgasm is about to happen so she may let out a passionate outburst. After a few seconds, Denis is unable to contain himself. He pulls out at the last second, releasing his white, wet load all over Leyla's silky bottom before bringing her to his chest for a final round of tender kisses.

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