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Elegant Bliss - S4:E22

Following a delightful meal, Zoey Paige and her partner Logan Pierce head back to their house to spend a romantic evening together. By slipping her bare foot up Logan's calf and running her toes up the ridge of his erection, Zoey lets her man know she's intrigued. Logan leans in to give his girlfriend a passionate kiss before grinning while Zoey takes the lead. Pulling down his pants and lifting up his shirt to release his firm cock, Zoey leans forward and presses her anxious lips around his shaft. She rapidly loses herself in her work, enthusiastically bobbing her head up and down while she gives her man pleasure. Zoey reaches back, licking and sucking her man as she does so. She pulls her panties to the side, runs her fingers along her slick wet slit, and then slides one finger, then another, into her sobbing pussy. Feeling confident and prepared, she lifts her head and rotates her hips to position herself on Logan's lap, his firm dick cradled in her cozy channel. With long, slow strokes, Zoey goes up and down, revealing her breasts when she slips her top down. As Zoey moves above him, Logan knows what to do and leans forward to seize the soft nub of her nipple between his soft lips. Logan lifts his girlfriend off his hips and pushes her to bend forward on the couch, exposing her gorgeous pussy from behind, wanting to give her the best pleasure possible. He leans forward, his face tucked between her knees as he laps her fluids with evident delight. Logan reenters Zoey from behind, pounding hard to give his girlfriend precisely what she needs to cum, just as she is balanced on the peak of her orgasm. She turns to give her partner a warm smile as her At the last second, he pulls out, spilling his seed all over Zoey's tummy and shaved mound. Satisfied, the couple curls up on the couch to enjoy the afterglow together while kissing and laughing.

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That Good Feeling - S8:E29
Boy / Girl
Blonde Tracy, dressed in sultry underwear, woos her partner Tim, who takes their time getting intimate. They engage in a lengthy fingering and pussy licking session, with Tracy giving her partner oral sex in return. They engage in long, deliberate strokes, adopting a cowgirl stance. Tracy descends into her partner's cock, achieving a powerful climax. She then gets back on her hands and knees, allowing Tim to enjoy her delicious pussy doggy style. Tracy has a second quick orgasm, and Tim loses self-control. As Tracy finishes her lovemaking, Tim unleashes his load on her toned, tanned ass and offers her to suck clean.
Blonde Arousal - S21:E21
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Alexa Grace prepares to impress Tyler Nixon by wearing sheer underwear and elegant high heels. She gently caresses Tyler, allowing him to awaken and realize his talent. Alexa begins by pealing off his underwear to kiss the tip of Tyler's hardon and take the entire thing in her mouth for a deep throat blowjob. She moves down Tyler's stiffie until she is completely impaled, then lets go of her sheer bra, increasing their mutual enjoyment. Tyler licks away, immersing himself in her sensual snatch, and they continue to enjoy each other's company. Alexa sucks Tyler dry and gulps down every last drop of hot, salty bliss.
Tight Fit - S14:E5
Boy / Girl
Jovan Jordan waits outside to be wooed by blonde hottie Summer Carter, who wears fishnet stockings, a matching bra, and a thong. Summer drops her man's cock and takes Jovan out on a massage table. Jovan takes Summer's position, rolls the thong down her legs, and kneels into her hairless pussy. He continues to kiss her until he dips his cock into her twat. As Summer's snatch gets hot, Jovan takes her to pleasure town, and Summer is thrilled to repay the favor by sucking in luscious sperm from Jovan's pulsating dick.
Subtle Seduction - S1:E29
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Giovanni Francesco, a passionate man, wakes his sweetheart Molly Bennett with a kiss. He worships her with his tongue, sucking and licking her body. Molly licks and sucks her man's dick, encircling his large cock. The couple reunites, and Molly reverse-cowgirls her beau. Giovanni's deep penetration pushes Molly over the edge, and Molly gets on top for a passionate kiss. His pulsating cock pulses in and out of her until his climax.
Intimate Session - S12:E30
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Halle Von and Van Wylde are a lustful couple who desire more personal touch than just making out. Halle pulls off Van's underwear to give him the blowjob she craves, and Van uses his tongue to suckle her firm nipples. He gently nuzzles her into the bed, planting kisses on her inner thighs and savoring her vaginal fluids. Van drives his pulsating cock deep into Halle's sperm-hungry twat, and Halle is euphoric as he seizes her and takes advantage of Van's orgasm.
Intense Passion - S27:E5
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Emma Hix and Johnny Castle approach a bed, keeping their mouths shut. Johnny lifts Emma's miniskirt, revealing her thong-covered ass and thigh-high stockings. He peels Emma's dress off, revealing a lingerie bra that accentuates her small tits. Emma leans over the bed, kissing and squeezing her ass from behind. Johnny rolls her over, suckling his tongue flat up her naked twat. Emma tries to get as much of Johnny in her mouth as possible, using her hand to manipulate his dick. Johnny eagerly accepts Emma's unsaid pleas and focuses on Emma's pleasure. Emma bumps and grinds on Johnny's hardon, and he guides her until she erupts with ecstasy. Johnny exits the vehicle and erupts all over Emma's posterior, causing his sperm to cascade down her ass crack.