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Heartfelt delights

Lumi Ray is worn out from a hard tryout to keep her business open. Her coworker and reliable friend Nathan makes dinner for her and makes every effort to help her forget this difficult day. A much-needed diversion from her work-related issues. Duration: 00:22:23. Performers: Lumi Ray Bronson Nathan

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Something Sweet Before Dinner - S45:E5
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Andi Rose prepares for a date with Nathan Bronson by dressing in a frock and accessorizing. Nathan follows her into the bathroom, revealing a craving for something tasty. They later meet in the living room, where Andi caresses and massages Nathan until he becomes rigid. Nathan flips the tables on Andi, forcing her to the ground and feasting first. Andi gives Nathan a doggy hug, and they fuck together, playing with her breath and sighing with delight. Nathan then pops his dick all over Andi's tiny landing strip, making it an ideal pre-dinner munchie.
Hard At Work - S44:E14
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Kyler Quinn seeks reconciliation with her former partner Nathan Bronson, who applies to her firm. Kyler sets the stage for romance by going to extreme lengths, including removing her bra and underwear. Nathan is taken aback but insists on continuing the interview, which becomes more sexual as he starts dating someone else. Kyler crouchs down in front of Nathan, removing her dress and inserting his tongue into her pussy. They engage in a cowgirl ride, with Kyler groans and rocks back to match Nathan's thrust. Nathan grabs Kyler's tie and cocks her tits all over.
Sensual Experience - S42:E1
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Nathan Bronson is intrigued by his girlfriend Maya Woulfe, who enters the room wearing sultry underwear and a blindfold. Maya examines Nathan's physique, touching his pecs and giving him a handie. Maya lay down on Nathan, giving him a passionate back rub, and then lays down on his lap. Maya performs reverse cowgirl, sucking her dick upside down. After taking off the blindfold, Nathan takes a more active role in their passionate exchanges. Maya starts to scream when Nathan licks her twat, but she doesn't unravel until he locks her hands behind her back. He provides Maya with everything he can, and she pats him down after he leaves, making her cry one last time.
Morning Dream - S1:E19
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Melanie Rios and Michael Vegas are in a passionate relationship, with Melanie kissing him in front of the mirror. They head back to the bed, where Michael presses his developing erection on Melanie's delicate ass. Melanie extracts his cock from his trousers, and Michael takes her clothes off and exposes her thighs. They enjoy their sensual fluids, inserting his tongue into her private areas. Melanie begs Michael to enter her, and he does, pushing his massive member into her. They engage in a passionate ride, with Michael cuddling Melanie's cheeks. Melanie gives birth to an amazing orgasm, and Michael pulls his cock out of her, allowing him to burst into her lips.
Never Go - S2:E8
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Presley Hart is eagerly anticipating her first afternoon climax with her partner Marco. As they prepare for orgasm, Marco licks her and Presley dominates with her tight pussy and grinding hips. At eleven hours, Presley yields to Marco's pressure and puts his strained cock into her sensitive slit, urging him to adopt a missionary stance for more penetration. With fresh eagerness, Presley's legs open wide, ready to explode with passion that only two loves can muster.
Subtle Seduction - S1:E29
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Giovanni Francesco, a passionate man, wakes his sweetheart Molly Bennett with a kiss. He worships her with his tongue, sucking and licking her body. Molly licks and sucks her man's dick, encircling his large cock. The couple reunites, and Molly reverse-cowgirls her beau. Giovanni's deep penetration pushes Molly over the edge, and Molly gets on top for a passionate kiss. His pulsating cock pulses in and out of her until his climax.