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Loving Touch - S12:E15

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Dripping Cum - S25:E6
Boy / Girl
Mindy's boyfriend, Jason X., enters her bedroom and locks lips with her. He kisses her down her body, focusing on her clit and inserting two fingers into her sheath. Mindy licks Jason's head, deep-throating his entire length. She cuddles up in Jason's arms, taking advantage of his prone posture to spoon her from behind. As the sensuous music fills the room, Mindy rolls onto her back and lifts one leg to his shoulder. Jason's new position allows him to get closer to her, filling her and fucking her while her full boobs bounce. Mindy pulls him in a tender embrace, flips Jason over onto his back, and swings one leg over his hips.
As We Lay - S12:E12
Boy / Girl
Mindy wakes up to a sensuous makeout session with her lover Jason X. They engage in a romantic routine, starting with a blowjob and then transitioning to a full-on dick and ball licking. They then move into a seductive body-mating routine, eventually shifting onto her stomach. Jason then reaches for her stomach, launching a fast-paced routine. The climax is a pulsating wall, with Jason releasing his enormous load all over her boobs and stomach.
Breakfast In Bed - S10:E22
Boy / Girl
Emily Grey plans to surprise her boyfriend Dylan Snow by giving him a passionate foreplay in bed. She enters the room in a bra and thong, feeding her lover and allowing him to stroke her bald pussy. Emily then climbs down the bed to wrap her warm lips around his dick and give him a good dick sucking. Emily creeps up Dylan's body on all fours, using light strokes to start her motor. Dylan cups Emily's rump and burys his face in her twat, sipping her womanly nectar. Emily's ecstatic cries lead to Dylan drawing lovely noises out of her, leading to a second orgasm with strong cock thrusts. Dylan achieves his own peak of pleasure, and Emily drops to her knees, giving her partner a last-minute sex.