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Makeup Sex - S12:E16

When Summer Carter notices a thong in Bruce Venture's back pocket of his jeans, she knows he's getting set to go out. Following a fight, the couple makes up with some intense, instantly hot makeup sex. As he takes Summer's full boobs out of her bra and kneads the big globes, Bruce can't stop himself from touching her. He then pulls up her miniskirt to remove her thong from her large ass. Bruce takes his time getting started, but doesn't waste any time getting his pants down and jamming his large, hard dick deep into Summer's bald pussy. Summer is only supported by the steps as she groans with pleasure from the strong thrusts she is getting. When Bruce flips her around and catches her from behind at an angle that makes it simpler than ever for him to give her a proper pussy beating, her gasps intensify even more. Bruce uses forceful twats of his dick to dominate Summer as they make their way to the landing of the stairs, where there are lots of objects for her to cling to. Using her eager hands, Summer takes a moment to provide a slippery wet blowjob. It's Summer's turn to take the lead now, and she does it with gusto, swaying over her partner's cock and swaying her hips in a variety of seductive ways. She quickly finds a rhythm of boob-bouncing ecstasy, which only gets better when Bruce takes control of the situation and bends her over in a dog-like manner. Bruce gets on his knees as Summer approaches her peak bliss and, using lengthy tongue sweeps up and down her weeping slit and deft fingertip caresses to her delicate clitoris, Bruce is taken to the brink of his climax by Summer, who is determined not to let him go without giving him everything she has. Their fun makeup sex ends a few seconds later when he loses control and cums all over her happy face and mouth.

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Skylar Green, a beautiful blonde, wakes up from a luxurious bath and kisses her partner Tyler Nixon. Tyler is open to the experience, licking her body and extracting his cock. Skylar enjoys herself as she licks and bobbles her head. Tyler is eager to indulge in oral sex, pushing Skylar to lean against the bed's headboard to suck his tongue. As their passion grows, they reposition themselves into an intimate spooning position. Tyler's approbation and twats reveal his intense attraction to Skylar. Tyler accepts and maintains eye contact, leading to a dramatic moment where Skylar collapses into his arms. She then receives a dripping wet facial from her partner.