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Memories Of You - S1:E22

April Oneil, a brunette beauty, entices her partner Michael Vegas with her enormous charms while they are stretched out naked in bed. As the bedroom heats up, tentative kisses turn into intense lips-mating. To get full access to April's smooth, shaved pussy, Michael goes down on her and tugs her white thong out of the way. April will soon be writhing on the bed and lovingly touching her large breasts as a result of long licks and well placed suckles. April seizes the initiative in their passionate kissing, removing Michael's throbbing erection from his boxers and encircling it with her warm lips as she pulls him back up the bed. She gets up on top of him after he's well lubricated, puts her ample boobs around the length of his dick, and titty fucks him for a few amazing seconds before taking her seduction a step further with her tongue and hands. April mounts her lover in reverse cowgirl pose, too impatient to wait any longer. She rubs her sensitive clit and pushes her lover's cock in and out of her till she experiences a powerful orgasm. Michael shoves his eager dick back into April's wet hole while yanking her to her hands and knees. The full sweep of April's delicious ass cushions his thrusts, letting him pound into her till she cums again. Feeling the need to swell sexually, Michael withdraws from April's warmth and allows her to caress him till he bursts all over her velvety back. He crawls up her body to join her in a soul-deep kiss, and she gives him a smile over her shoulder.

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Its Been So Long - S1:E13
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Alexis Venton uses her charms to strip her partner Michael Vegas of his clothing, leading to a sensual striptease. They lick and suck at Michael's dick, then give him a passionate kiss. Alexis then shifts into a cowgirl and doggy position, enjoying the sensation of his dick. She finally gives in and spoons Michael, helping him find closure as he reaches his climax. The story highlights the intense love between Alexis and Michael.
Token Of Love - S3:E17
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Karina White and her partner Michael Vegas enjoy a peaceful afternoon together. Karina is kissed tenderly by Michael, who then comments on her willingness to follow. They engage in oral sex, kissing each other, and then laying down. Michael then inserts his dick into Karina's sheath, pumping in and out of her. Karina takes charge, jumping on top of her partner and caressing her large tits. Michael reenters her, but she can't resist him, pulling out and dousing her tits in his love juice.