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Saddle Up - S19:E13

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A Girls Best Friends - S10:E11
Girls Only
Lilly Bella, Olivia Sparkle, and Lovita Fate spend the evening together, playing video games and engaging in a pillow battle. They eat Olivia alive and manipulate her pussy, while Lilly and Lovita continue their lesbian romance. They sit side by side on the couch, allowing Olivia to touch each twat of her girlfriend. Three climaxes later, the girls finish their lesbian romance by helping Olivia one at a time while keeping the other for themselves.
June 2024 Fantasy Of The Month - S5:E9
Fitness Gym
Maya Woulfe, a hot yoga enthusiast, is enraged by her boyfriend Ryan Mclane, who is supposed to help her film a video. Despite being shooed off by Maya, Ryan remains enraged by her flexibility and ass. Maya tries to rape Ryan, but he eventually gives in, leaving her sticky but more delighted than if she had followed through with her video. Maya performs various acrobatics, including cowgirl stiffie rides, cowgirl dicks, and a cowgirl dick. Despite her discomfort, Maya remains determined to achieve her goals and enjoys her relationship with Ryan.
Sensual Games - S46:E23
Boy / Girl
Candee Licious and Jimmy Bud engage in a sensuous game, involving various activities such as sucking dick and eating ass. After Jimmy consumes Candee's ass, Candee sucks Jimmy's dick, causing her to writhe and cry. Jimmy then offers Candee an extra D and helps her onto her side to sink down on his fuck stick. Candee climbs on top of Jimmy to sink down on his fuck stick, and they are removed by riding in cowgirl mode and giving Jimmy a creampie.
Full Benefits - S46:E22
Threesome FFM
Betzz and Lilly Bella, his staff, enjoy a romantic evening together. They dress up, give each other tender kisses, and then go to Jason's office. They mock Jason for working too hard, but Lilly grabs him by the tie and brings him to the couch for passionate touches. Betzz takes Jason's pants down, and Lilly sucks him dry. They then engage in reverse cowgirl mode, sucking Jason's balls. Lilly creates a lesbian 69 while Jason hits her. They continue until Jason offers Betzz the top to suck clean.
Pissy Meditation
Mini Mitzi interrupts Linda's trance while she's meditating, causing her to piss on her pussy. Initially surprised, Mini Mitzi enjoys being drenched in her streams. The naughty girls kiss and lick Linda's wet lingerie, causing Mini Mitzi to get soaked in piss showers. They playfully splash each other and lap up their wet mess before exchanging poop between their mouths. The story highlights the playful nature of sex and the potential for sexual pleasure.
Twice The Pleasure - S10:E10
Girl / Girl
Lia Lennon and her girlfriend Fibi Euro brush their hair, receiving soft butt pats. They play a foosball game, and Fibi pushes Lia up against the wall, allowing her to eat her love out. Lia performs tongue twats and kisses Fibi, leading her to the couch. Fibi repositions herself to sit on the couch, rubbing her pussy and lapping at Lia's love button. The girls become used to it, and Fibi ends up riding a lesbian 69. Lia sleeps with her shoulders on the floor, while Fibi continues the feasting. The girls gather twat for an intense round of tribbing.
One On One Yoga - S46:E21
Fitness Gym
Yoga teacher Whitney Oc leads her student, Codey Steele, through a series of stretches and poses. Despite her professional demeanor, Whitney finds her approach pleasing. She encourages Codey to engage in yoga positions, showcasing her flexibility. They engage in a playful exchange of kisses and sucking, with Whitney's tongue enhancing their bond. As Codey pulls out, Whitney collapses on her side, allowing him to reenter her. Both Whitney and Codey agree that Codey should continue taking yoga classes.
Giving The Perfect Gift - S10:E9
Jade Marris and Megan Marx enjoy bikini season and slap each other, only to be disciplined by their sugar mom, Jennifer White. They prove themselves as ideal sugar babies, petting kittens and getting their tongue stuck between Jennifer's thighs. Jennifer takes control of their behavior, and Jade kneels behind Megan to eat her. Megan sucks Jade's pussy, and they engage in a coot while Jennifer licks at their respective clits.
Coming Out On Top - S46:E19
Boy / Girl
Ivi Rein and Ricky Rascal attend a poker tournament together. Ivi tricks Ricky into thinking he has the superior hand and gives him a kiss of consolation. Ricky gives her a handjob and a pussy eating session as a prize. They sit on the couch, Ivi blows him out, and Ivi crawls on top of him. They stay together until they're satisfied. Ivi bends down to allow Ricky to crash back inside, and she rides her fuck stick to regain control. Ricky tries to blow his stack, but Ivi lets him slip out at the last minute.
Consumed By Bliss - S46:E18
Raul Costa and Tiffany Tatum plan a date night at their apartment, where they indulge in nude sushi. Raul is excited about the sushi and enjoys it with her. Tiffany then moves in for dessert, while Raul leans in for a kiss. They continue to mewl and mewl, and Tiffany indulges in doggie on her hands and knees. Rual helps Tiffany ride him in reverse cowgirl mode. After enjoying a final moment together, Tiffany gives Raul a slow cowgirl kiss and a quick stroke and suck.
Next Level - S10:E8
Girl / Girl
Matty and Barbie engage in a passionate sexual encounter, with Barbie taking control of the situation and allowing her to explore Matty's body. They bond over their mutual love for each other's bodies, and Barbie's tongue melts any shyness Matty might have experienced. As Matty descends from her climax, the girls unite in a crushing embrace, and Barbie helps Matty crawl over his face, creating a lesbian 69. They continue their pleasure-filled sexual encounters, ending in a puddle of pleasure.