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Sexual Awakening - S16:E20

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Breathless - S8:E10
Boy / Girl
Nathaly, a beautiful blonde, is reading a book when her partner, Angelo Godshack, surprises her. They engage in a wrestling session, kissing and sending each other's clothes flying. Nathaly kisses Angelo's stomach before getting to his cock, where she licks and torments him. Angelo then slips into Nathaly's pierced pussy, shaking her boobs. Nathaly rocks her hips gently and forcefully, eventually exposing her ass to him. He works her hard, slamming into her and causing her to scream in delight. Nathaly then gives Angelo a powerful handjob, almost causing him to ecstasy.
My Masseuse - S15:E29
Violet enters Van Wylde's room for a massage, wearing a leotard. She uses hot stones to help her partner relax, but Van prefers to be fondled Violet's creamy pussy. Violet enjoys playing sultry games and bobs her head and plays with Van's hands. Van covers her bottom and back with oil, massages her rump, and kisses her. Violet then descends onto Van's member and seizes the opportunity to make love. She takes Van's dick as deep as possible, crossing the boundary into ecstasy. Van's climax is just moments behind Violet's, as she coaxes him into a release that covers her face and mouth in sticky sperm.
Sheer Pleasure - S17:E22
Boy / Girl
Claudia Macc, a blonde hottie, delights herself and Matt Ice with a seductive dance. She wears a thong and previews her repertoire by cupping her tits and sliding her hand into her panties. Claudia then gets on top of Matt for a seductive 69, working his tongue to probe and fondle her bald twat. They engage in long, slow strokes, and Claudia changes positions to expose her ass and puss, allowing Matt to approach her from behind and slip back in. Claudia is left devastated by one more dramatic moment, where Matt doubles down on her ecstasy, rips out her twat, and jizzes all over her chest and tummy.
Passionate Lovers - S19:E26
Boy / Girl
Sydney Cole, a coed, eagerly awaits Ryan Driller's return home. She enjoys Ryan's landing strip pussy, squeezing her nipples and massaging her clit over her thong. Ryan gets into bed with her, slipping his fingers into her lustful twat. Sydney enjoys the experience without saying anything, and Ryan eagerly eats his sugary confection. Sydney surprises Ryan by giving him a hearty blowout, eating Ryan's cock, and then petging her in a dog-like manner. Sydney's pleasure turns into full-blown orgasmic yells, and Ryan teasing her with long strokes. Sydney is whipped back into a sexual fury, thanks to Ryan's patience. As Sydney's orgasm is over, Ryan releases his hold on her exposed twat, covering her with his love.
All My Love - S17:E5
Boy / Girl
Nikki Dream spends the day with Lutro, who gives her a back massage. Lutro is drawn to Nikki's body fluids and enjoys a full-on pussy feast. Nikki reciprocates by kissing his cock and blowing him away. Lutro then plunges his cock balls into Nikkis' fuck hole, causing her areolas to bounce. Nikki signals for Lutro to return, and he continues pushing her until her orgasm reaches a climax. At the last minute, he pulls out, giving Nikki a final thumbs up for a loving afternoon.
Sweet Seduction - S17:E16
Boy / Girl
Max Dior is led to bed by blonde Blanche Bradburry, who shows him her lace underwear. They engage in romantic activities, with Blanche getting a sensual blowjob and kissing Max's body. Max stalks her, diving into her landing strip with long thrusts, heightening the suspense. Blanche takes control, enjoying a stiffie ride. Max is a willing stud, pushing her to the point of squirting cum into his mouth. Blanche takes her time, working him towards his orgasmic explosion, and he accepts it before settling between Max's knees to play with his surprise.
Wake Me Tender - S18:E23
Boy / Girl
Sicilia wakes up in bed wearing a bra and thong, eager to have tender kisses and caresses from Andy Stone. She extracts his penis and licks and sucks her, making Andy rock hard and eager for her. They work on her flawless pussy, causing her breathy gasps to tremble. Andy takes advantage of her tense state, leaving her gasping after a strong orgasm. He then lets his sperm on her back, bathing her in his loving love as they enjoy orgasmic pleasure together.
Real Passion - S18:E1
Boy / Girl
Pristine Edge and Bambino return to their apartment after their date and engage in passionate cocksuckling. Bambino discovers Pristine is naked, worshiping her hairless twat and licking and suckleing her tender areas. Pristine eagerly cocksucks Bambino's dick, igniting their passion. She then hops onto an outdoor couch, enjoying Bambino's lusty pussy feast before he positions his head at her pussy before sliding home. Pristine's fervor is unmatched, and she sucks Bambino's dick again, stoking their love to even greater heights. Bambino pushes at Pristine from behind, causing her to enter a mystical realm of orgasmic bliss. Pristine whips around, using her tongue and hands to push Bambino to his own climax, feeling her boyfriend's hot cum coating her face.