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Waiting On You - S20:E29
Boy / Girl
Stella Cox, dressed in lingerie, eagerly awaits Ryan Driller's return home. As they engage in sexual activities, Stella starts finger fucking and caressing her lustful puss under her thong. Ryan joins her antics, licking her glistening snatch and suckling his fingers deep into her twat. Stella enjoys giving Ryan a deep throat and continues to sucke at her own speed. As Stella reaches for her clit, her pleasure intensifies. She gropes and fondles her jiggling breasts, and they work together to grope and fondle her jiggling breasts. Stella holds herself steady while Ryan squeezes her tits extra hard. After confirming Stella's content, he loads all over her exposed belly and mound, leaving her feeling clingy and gummy.
Im Yours - S41:E8
Boy / Girl
Anny Aurora and her boyfriend Oliver Flynn wake up together every morning, often in their underwear. They engage in light foreplay, with their makeout turning into soft caresses. Oliver's lips reaches Anny's rough nips, sucking and licking them to maintain their hardness. They carry on like this until Oliver returns home, filling her up with his groans. Anny presents herself to Oliver again, causing her breasts to tremble. Oliver rubs himself off, covering Anny's thick ass with evidence of his love, as her pussy clamps with joy at her climax.
The Photo Shoot - S44:E28
Boy / Girl
Ryan, a model, is waiting for Lexi Luna to test her new camera. Despite their past relationship, Lexi's demands for Ryan become more suggestive. Ryan finds the route unsettling and instructs her to calm down. Lexi pees on Ryan's hardon, giving him strokes until he kisses and sucks. She turns into a python, allowing Ryan to return the favor by spearheading missionary. Lexi resumes her work as a reverse cowgirl, and they make out. Lexi knows Ryan should be content with the amazing pictures as they pull out to the side.
June 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S4:E8
Lexi Luna, dressed in a bikini, is about to go shopping for summer bikinis when her boyfriend Quinton Jones enters the room. Lexi teases Quinton with her body and tries on different bikinis, causing him to lick his nipples. She saves the best for last and tries to swivel around, straddling Quinton's face. Quinton eats out of Lexi's body, and she tries to suck him out. She tries to reposition her hips and ride Quinton's hardon, but he doesn't get the angle she's hoping for. Lexi is there for him every step of the way, and he continues their relationship until the end.
In The Mood - S17:E13
Boy / Girl
Paula and her lover Dan enjoy a fun night of streaming videos and cuddling in bed. Dan introduces himself by giving Paula tender touches and sultry looks. Initially, Paula rejects his ideas but eventually agrees. Dan massages Paula's breasts, kisses her belly, and removes her underpants. Paula returns the oral sex favor. She licks and sucks Dan's cock, pushing them both to intense levels of desire. Dan licks his tongue over Paula's twat before revealing her ass. Paula returns the favor by massaging Dan's cock with long strokes, reaching his climax of pleasure and overflowing with his love.