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Warm Summer Days - S2:E18

exotic elegance Presley Hart uses a seductive grin and a slinky swimsuit to entice her beau Kris into her web of want. Presley dominates their makeout session as soon as the couple enter the house, rubbing his protruding belly through his swimsuit. As Presley falls to her knees in front of Kris and slides down his naked chest, Kris gives her a kiss on the neck. With a seductive smile, Presley pulls at the drawstring of his trunks and sucks Kris's hard-to-get cock into her mouth. She caresses his balls and licks and sucks the long length to satisfy his cravings till he is unable to take any more. Kris is ready, stiff, and tells Presley to get up so he can take off her bikini. He lowers her bottom down to reveal her smoothed, shaved pussy, laving her ample breasts and tight nipples with his tongue. The lovers slowly caress and kiss one other, making slow, languid movements that only serve to fuel their passion. Presley forces Kris onto the chaise lounge and gets on top of him when they are both nude. As she mounts him, his hard dick slides effortlessly into her wet twat. Presley leans in to give Kris a passionate kiss, and they both savor the friction of her slow, seductive movements as she rides him like her own stud. Presley continues to impale herself on Kris's huge cock, craving deeper penetration. She spins around to attempt the reverse cowgirl position. She opens her thighs and draws her legs back, opening herself up to the sensation of his dick slicing through her body. Her ecstasy intensifies as she presses her feet against his thighs to extend their enjoyment of each other. At last, overtaken with her first orgasm, Presley passionately tosses back her head and clutches her pulsating breast to He buries himself to the hilt, holding the base of his cock to guide himself home into her welcoming pussy while Presley holds onto the back of the chaise. Kris gets to the verge of his own orgasm with just a few dick thrusts. He pulls out of her beautiful pussy and covers Presley's belly and thighs in his love juice, cums all over her flat tummy. After that, Kris collapses on the chaise next to Presley and curls up to spoon with his sweetie. The passionate experience comes to an end with a tender kiss that ceals their affection for one another.

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Unwrapped - S14:E18
Boy / Girl
Presley Hart returns from a shopping spree and is excited to show Logan Pierce her new bra and sheer thong. Logan approves of her and takes her off her bra. Presley samples Logan's dick and cock, then tries to use her mouth. Logan tests the dampness of Presley's shaved slit with his fingers and lips. Presley reclaims the initiative, directing the pace with her ass and hips. She gets Logan to his climax, where he shoots his sperm all over Presley's tongue and hands, leaving her to lick up.
Dream Lovers - S1:E28
Boy / Girl
Zoey Kush, a vibrant beauty, aims to give Kris Slater an unforgettable wake-up call. She crawls up his body in seductive sheer lingerie, revealing his long, thick erection through his boxers. They engage in a long, leisurely blowout, with neither party wanting to end it. Zoey is attracted to the intimacy, stripping down to reveal her nude body. They return to their lavish feast, worshipping each other and laving their erect dick. Zoey sets her tight twat over his engorged dick, and they engage in a breathtaking orgasm. Zoey drags Kris into the missionary role, eager to help him find his fulfillment. His cock slides into her hot pussy, and he reaches the limit of his control. Kris releases his tight twat and lavishes his come on Zoey's mouth and face, leaving her licking her lips and grinning with satisfaction.
The Perfect Touch - S1:E27
Boy / Girl
Presley Hart accepts Tony Rivas' offer of a massage, turning it into a sensuous experience. Tony traces her body, giving her a kiss on the lips and showcasing his dick. Presley warms to the new subject, suckling his foreskin and suckling his foreskin. When Tony can no longer take it, he invites Presley to grind his erect dick on her pussy, directing his erection into her embrace. Presley slows things down by letting her lover's cock slide out of her body, and Tony uses it as an opportunity to get into a more personal spooning position. Presley climbs to the edge of the table, and Tony enters her from behind. In a breathtaking climax, Tony yanks out his penis, exploding all over her stomach, enjoying the sensation of his sperm on her skin.
Addicted To Love - S4:E24
Boy / Girl
Presley Hart and Logan Pierce engage in a sensual kiss, focusing on her breasts, inner thigh, and legs. Presley helps Logan remove his erection from his underwear and repositions them in a reverse cowgirl position. They enjoy the closeness of the reverse missionary position, causing Presley to veer over the brink of ecstasy due to extreme friction. Logan also runs out of endurance, but Presley helps him spill his seed over his stomach and moves up her partner's body for another lingering kiss.
Never Go - S2:E8
Boy / Girl
Presley Hart is eagerly anticipating her first afternoon climax with her partner Marco. As they prepare for orgasm, Marco licks her and Presley dominates with her tight pussy and grinding hips. At eleven hours, Presley yields to Marco's pressure and puts his strained cock into her sensitive slit, urging him to adopt a missionary stance for more penetration. With fresh eagerness, Presley's legs open wide, ready to explode with passion that only two loves can muster.
Fucking My Brothers Friend - S41:E21
Chad Alva and his friend are supposed to hang out, but Chad is unaware of his friend's younger stepsister's presence. Molly Little, dressed in a tiny bikini, discovers Chad in her living room and immediately falls in love with him. They play the aggressor, removing Chad's hardon from his jeans and sucking his nipples. Molly then reintroduces Chad, inserting himself into Molly's velvet glove. Their passionate pose ends with a harsher pussy pounding in doggie. Chad retreats inside, but Molly gives him a handie, which makes him lick her tummy all over. Molly is satiated and loves the sensation of a well-fucked pussy.
In The Deep End - S44:E13
Tory Sweety, dressed in a bikini, gets a smooth tan by applying oil to her skin. She then enters the pool for sensual fun with her lover Ralf Christian. Ralf is observing her and creates a bond between her lips. Tory pulls down Ralf's trunks to release his stiffie, and they both want a deep blowout. Ralf pulls Tory into his lap, allowing her to impale herself on his hardon. Tory eagerly gets her pussy filled, and Ralf spoons her a velvet glove, allowing her to go balls deep. Tory climbs on Ralf's fuck stick and has one last stiffie ride.
A First Time For Everything - S1:E9
Lilly Banks, a blonde, spots Danny Mountain outside and tries to impress him with her tongue skills. He helps her with her hands and knees, licks and suckles her shaved pussy, and surprises her by eating her alive. After a few minutes, Lilly exposes her ass to Danny, allowing him to enter her from behind. The deep penetration feels wonderful, and Lilly rolls onto her back, allowing him to continue enjoying himself from her intimate area.
My Amazing Girlfriend - S4:E12
Boy / Girl
Maddy O'Reilly aims to make her new boyfriend, Johnny Castle, have an unforgettable afternoon. She starts with a sensual blowout, rubbing her cock in her cleavage. Maddy then demonstrates her love by bending forward and letting him slip his erection through her ass. They adopt a doggie posture, with Maddy leaning on the coffee table. After a brief moment, Maddy returns to her blowjob, and Johnny swoons over her warm embrace.
Its Been So Long - S1:E13
Boy / Girl
Alexis Venton uses her charms to strip her partner Michael Vegas of his clothing, leading to a sensual striptease. They lick and suck at Michael's dick, then give him a passionate kiss. Alexis then shifts into a cowgirl and doggy position, enjoying the sensation of his dick. She finally gives in and spoons Michael, helping him find closure as he reaches his climax. The story highlights the intense love between Alexis and Michael.