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Feeling Blue - S6:E15

When charming Blue Angel's partner Renato comes up behind her and puts his large palms over her breasts, she can't help but smile with excitement. Blue responds to Renato's kisses with unbridled passion, sighing with delight as he removes her bra and underwear to plant a kiss on her swollen nipples before settling between her legs. Renato worships Blue's landing strip pussy until it's soaking wet and primed for action, using his gifted tongue and two fingers and going slowly at first. Blue is not afraid to return the favor of steamy oral sex by putting her warm, hungry lips around her beau's shaft. When Renato's hands stray to her ass, she wriggles her bottom and licks and sucks with lengthy, loving strokes. When his finger returns to the warmth of her twat, she sighs around her man's cock, and she is more than happy to oblige him into a 69 so he can continue his sensual pussy licking. When Blue's man's dick gets too big for him to ignore, she gets up and mounts it in a reverse doggie fashion. She reclines and relishes the intimacy of the occasion while initially pumping her hips gently. When Blue bends forward and sits up, things escalate harder and faster, allowing her man to take the lead. Without pausing, Renato turns his partner over onto her back on the couch and spreads her legs wide to allow him to drive into her warm, eager body. As her beloved stretches and fills her with quick, firm thrusts that cause her large breasts to bounce, Blue gasps and groans. Blue lets out a cry of ecstasy when the pleasure overwhelms her, which transforms into a groan when her partner leans forward to run his tongue over her puckered asshole. Blue shifts to her knees and leans Renato pushes his girlfriend to another climax by grabbing her beautiful behind tightly and giving her a smack while riding her. Then, he pulls out and shows her his love, kissing her and waits for her to open her mouth. As their time of lovemaking draws to an end, Blue accepts her treat with a smile and reaches up to suck him dry.

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Watching You - S2:E20
Threesome FFM
Blue Angel interrupts Stacy Snake and Johnny Black during a private moment, helping them lift Stacy's blouse and massage her tits. Johnny's hands are free to explore Stacy's body, giving her open-mouthed kisses and licks. Stacy enjoys her shaved, gorgeous pussy, while Blue takes pleasure in blowing on her man's cock. The trio exchange positions, with Blue taking care of Stacy's pussy and Johnny lubricating her for his pulsating dick. Stacy takes her position and rides her man in a reverse cowgirl manner, while Blue caresses her sore clitoris. Johnny climaxes by slipping out of his partner's tight robe and allowing Blue to suck him, while Stacy gives Blue a fantastic climax. Johnny urinates all over Blue's stomach, and Stacy licks his essence.
The Perfect Creampie - S31:E9
Boy / Girl
Mia Evans, dressed in a crimson nightgown, is passionate about exposing herself to Renato on the stairs. Renato covers her breasts and teasing her nipples, pushing her thong aside and lifting her skirt for him to taste her sweet fluids. Mia becomes engrossed in Renato's pussy feast, eventually crawling up Renao's body until his hardon is in contact with her personal paradise. She guides herself down until she is fully impaled on his fuck stick, then licks and sucks it. She then descends into Renato's lap, continuing her orgasm. Renato reaches his limit as he feels her delicate walls pulsing, allowing him to indulge in his orgasm and suck Mia with a creamy, salty kiss.
Take It Outside - S6:E9
Boy / Girl
Sophie Lynx plans a seduction with her spy Renato, who accepts her advances politely. Renato plants his lips against her legs, evoking intense pleasure with her lips, tongue, and hands. Sophie falls in love with Renato, who impales her on his pulsating dick. They move into their last position, with Renato driving into her from above. Sophie gives him forceful strokes, hoping he will feel the same pleasure. When he cums all over her face, she licks his dick clean with love, continuing to milk him for every last bit of jizz.
Sweeter - S32:E23
Boy / Girl
Veronica Leal and Renato are enjoying a romantic evening in bed, enjoying strawberries and cream. Renato licks and kisses Veronica's bottom lip, making her feel pleasant and eager. He then seduces her with his tongue, guiding him into her avaricious folds. Veronica cleans up after herself and worships Renato's fuck stick, using her mouth and hands in a deep BJ. She rides Renato like a personal horse, maintaining close eye contact. Their passion is realized when Veronica mounts Renato in a backward cowgirl pose, rubbing herself off in time for her fast ride. Renato's climax is extracted by Veronica's pulsating pussy walls, and she thanks Renato for his efforts.
The Morning Rise - S2:E10
Boy / Girl
Blue Angel is in a passionate relationship with Johnny Black, who reveals her nipples and reveals her shaved pussy. They share a passionate kiss, with Blue enjoying the sensation of being fucked from behind. Johnny then turns them around, kissing her down her neck. They continue their frantic conversation, playing with their boobs and massages, and eventually come to a mutually satisfying conclusion. Their love for each other is evident throughout their long courtship.
On Her Mind - S32:E30
Boy / Girl
Lucy Heart enjoys bathing and massaging her ass and large breasts. She heads to the living room to persuade Renato to meet her wants. Renato initially refuses to play but quickly learns her desires. After a passionate kiss, he places Lucy on the couch to savor her twat scent. Lucy then indulges in oral gratification, pushing Renato onto his back and revealing her hardon. They doggy style, filling Renato's palms with her heart-shaped ass. Renato continues to enjoy their long strokes, even after Lucy gives in. He leaves after a few seconds, allowing Lucy to jack him off for a final moment before popping his load all over her muff.
Risque Romance - S21:E11
Boy / Girl
Renato and Azazai have a passionate encounter, revealing their intense kisses and revealing their hard, ready-to-suck cock. Azazai enjoys the touch but prefers to curl up in his lap and continue sucking his stiffie. Renato then probes her anus with his fingers, intensifying her enthusiasm. Azazai agrees to spoon with Renato, and he continues to stroke her clit. Azazai spreads her legs to provide Renato with another point of entry, and she is satisfied by the end. Azazai then resumes sucking him, releasing a torrent of cum, giving him a much-needed facial.