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Take It Outside - S6:E9

Sophie Lynx smiles to herself, knowing that her planned seduction will bring her pleasure, as she strolls outside and stops to pick a dandelion. She pauses to get a good look at her guy Renato, whom she is spying on, before moving forward with her plans. Renato accepts Sophie's approaches politely. After removing her underwear and shirt, he brings his partner to the outdoor seat and plants his lips against the sweetness between her legs. Although Sophie appreciates her man's oral manipulations, she doesn't allow it last long because this is her seduction. Sophie Lynx smiles to herself in private as she strolls outside and pauses to pick a dandelion, anticipating the joy that she will have from Rather, she collapses to her knees in front of him and lets her lips slide over the firmness of his manhood. She quickly gets engrossed in the blowjob's rhythm, evoking intense pleasure with her lips, tongue, and hands. Sophie mounts Renato in a cowgirl fashion and fully impales herself on his pulsating dick after he gives her a loving, thorough pussy lick to ensure that her twat stays wet and ready. She quickly adopts a reverse cowgirl pose before getting to her feet to let her partner to Doggy-style fucking's deep penetration finds the perfect spot, and soon Sophie is moaning as her climax is about to come. The pair moves into their last position, Sophie gasping as she goes over the brink with Renato driving into her from above while holding her bottom high in the air. Sophie puts her little hand around her beau's long cock and gives him quick, forceful strokes, wishing that he would feel the same pleasure that she has just felt. When he cums all over her face, she licks his dick clean with love while continuing to milk him for every last bit of jizz. Her actions never slow down.

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Poolside Pounding - S12:E9
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Jada Stevens becomes hot and horny with Bruce Venture while sunbathing in the pool. They initially enjoy each other's softness, but Jada discovers her hard, huge erection and becomes passionate. She licks Bruce's lips and hands while kneeling in the water, showing her lust. Jada coaxes Bruce out of his swimsuit and begins a wild ride, where he devours her pussy with fervor. Bruce seizes her again, and Jada continues to use her lips and hands until Bruce unleashes his load on her tanned tits.
Fully Exposed - S7:E3
Boy / Girl
Amira Adara and her partner Totti are getting hornier as they enjoy an outdoor shower. Amira kisses Totti before he eats her out from behind. Totti takes his time, forming and pressing his hands into Amira's hard ass. Amira tests her wetness with two fingers and decides to have a rough fuck. Before they have a rough fuck, Amira wants to make sure her partner is as hot and eager. She replaces her mouth with her warm, wet pussy and gives Totti a strong ride. They switch to a 69 position and lie naked in the hot summer sun, licking and sucking each other passionately.
Looking For Love - S4:E4
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Vanessa Sixxx and her partner Marco Rivera enjoy a hot makeout session on their balcony. Vanessa falls in love with Marco's dick, and they enjoy a satisfying suck. Marco then places Vanessa against the glass, allowing him to enter her from behind. Despite the friction, Vanessa enjoys another hug in her man's arms. Marco helps Vanessa get on him, allowing her to ride him at her own pace. As the climax nears, Marco shoves deep into Vanessa's pulsating pussy, and they kiss before ending the session.
Bang Bang - S19:E3
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Amber Nevada's boyfriend Kendo Ortiz is teaching her how to fire a gun on a date. Amber licks and kisses Kendo, but he hits the first target. Amber takes Kendo's taunting seriously and sucks him dry. Kendo flips the script by giving Amber the gun and caressing her clit as she fires. Amber throws the gun to the ground and offers Kendo a passionate kiss. Kendo focuses on Amber's pierced nipples and boobs, and he gives her a canine beating. Amber takes charge, and Kendo caresses and massages his stiffie, causing a climax that makes Amber's body twitch with ecstasy.
Love Song - S2:E28
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Brunette Hennessy discovers her partner Totti dozing off on a chaise in the shade. They engage in passionate sex, with Totti expressing his lust for her big breasts. Hennessy reveals her breasts when she stands up, and they enjoy their attentions. They move into cowgirl and doggy positions, enjoying the closeness between them. Hennessy keeps her partner steady, while Totti enters her from the back and puts his hands on her tender spots. They return to the chaise for a missionary position, where Totti completes his sexy kiss on Hennessy's breasts. Hennessy smiles tenderly and runs her fingers through his love fluids before pulling him in for another intense kiss.
Summer Passion - S2:E23
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Leyla Black, a brunette hottie, enjoys a refreshing outdoor shower after tanning. She becomes deeply infatuated with her partner Totti, who joins her and reveals his desire for her. Leyla tries to suck Totti's dick, but they find it difficult to be apart. Totti plunges his cock into her, but Leyla reenters and they relax in a pool chair. Leyla helps Totti find fulfillment, allowing him to enjoy every last drop of his sperm before he bursts.
The Perfect Creampie - S31:E9
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Mia Evans, dressed in a crimson nightgown, is passionate about exposing herself to Renato on the stairs. Renato covers her breasts and teasing her nipples, pushing her thong aside and lifting her skirt for him to taste her sweet fluids. Mia becomes engrossed in Renato's pussy feast, eventually crawling up Renao's body until his hardon is in contact with her personal paradise. She guides herself down until she is fully impaled on his fuck stick, then licks and sucks it. She then descends into Renato's lap, continuing her orgasm. Renato reaches his limit as he feels her delicate walls pulsing, allowing him to indulge in his orgasm and suck Mia with a creamy, salty kiss.
Arousing Sensations - S5:E29
Boy / Girl
Paula approaches her lover Dan, who is snoozing in the afternoon. She tries to suck his cock with anticipation, but Dan doesn't wake up. Paula then sucks his cock, but Dan pumps hard and falls onto her. They turn to reverse cowgirl, with Paula riding Dan and his thrusts causing her tits to tremble. They beat her hairless pussy forcefully, causing him to explode inside her. They give each other long kisses, showing their passionate relationship.