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Missed Your Loving - S11:E26

Janice Griffith, a superslim sweetie, is a sucker for her guy Gavin Kane and makes up for it by dressing like him and walking about in nothing but a thong. When Gavin does get home at last, Janice is ready for his tender touch right away. Gavin pulls his lover's thong aside after kissing his way down Janice's belly and uses his tongue to sample the deliciousness of her landing strip pussy. He settles in for a prolonged pussy eating session after liking what he tastes. Janice is getting slick with anticipation, so Gavin puts his fingers in her little gap to make her feel even more pampered. Janice is eager to share her first climax with Gavin and can't wait to do so. She pulls his hardening cock out of his pants with a big smile on her face and takes him in her mouth for a frantic and wet dick sucking. She sucks him all the way down her throat and then settles in for a quick and intense cock gobbling, clearly showing off her excitement. Gavin eventually pulls Janice's thong down her long legs and dives deep into her warm embrace when he can no longer wait to be inside his lady. They take their time at first, savoring the gentle friction, but as soon as Gavin establishes a fast, steady rhythm, he can't resist quickening the tempo. Taking Janice's place on the bed, Gavin flips the roles, helping his girlfriend get into the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions so she may ride him. Janice, her tits bouncing and her pussy pulsating, pumps her hips like a champion, taking a few experimental thrusts before setting a fast tempo. When Janice can no longer take the lead, she gets In order to get the most pleasure out of his balls slapping Janice's sensitized clit in a rhythmic pattern, Gavin isn't afraid to go hard and fast. Gavin finally indulges in his own pleasure, knowing that he has totally satiated his woman's intense sexual need. He pulls out at the last minute, releasing his massive load all over Janice's soft ass and twat so she can use her magic fingers to rub the warm, wet love in.

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Breakfast In Bed - S10:E22
Boy / Girl
Emily Grey plans to surprise her boyfriend Dylan Snow by giving him a passionate foreplay in bed. She enters the room in a bra and thong, feeding her lover and allowing him to stroke her bald pussy. Emily then climbs down the bed to wrap her warm lips around his dick and give him a good dick sucking. Emily creeps up Dylan's body on all fours, using light strokes to start her motor. Dylan cups Emily's rump and burys his face in her twat, sipping her womanly nectar. Emily's ecstatic cries lead to Dylan drawing lovely noises out of her, leading to a second orgasm with strong cock thrusts. Dylan achieves his own peak of pleasure, and Emily drops to her knees, giving her partner a last-minute sex.
Sexual Power - S9:E9
Boy / Girl
Natasha White is searching for her partner, Jake Taylor, and is determined to get it. She puts a blindfold over his eyes to intensify the pleasure and pulls his cock to allow her to suck it between her eagerly puffed lips. She then jumps into Jake's lap, placing her hairless pussy on his dick. They then move around, moving to the wall by the stairs, where Jake presses into Natasha's tight twat and supports her back. They suckle and lick her tight clit and buries his face between her legs. Natasha rolls onto her stomach, inviting Jake to pound into her from behind with her delicious ass up.
Before You Leave - S11:E22
Boy / Girl
After a night with boyfriend Van Wylde, Kacy Lane wakes up early to enjoy a sexual encounter. Van's hands wander, exposing Kacy's boobs and licking his fuck hole. Kacy takes charge, giving Van a long blowjob, focusing on her shaved twat. She rides Van's body, impales herself on his cock, and launches into a hip-thrusting pussy ride. Van leads the way, turning Kacy onto her back and assisting her in opening herself up for his. After a pulsating climax, Van can no longer contain his enjoyment and Kacy knows what to do. She jumps to her knees, opens her mouth to receive Van's jizz, and massages his jizz into her skin.
Sexual Satisfaction - S14:E17
Boy / Girl
Rahyndee James assists Ryan Driller in placing an image across the bed, and they exchange kisses. Rahyndee's tits are visible beneath her bra, and Ryan can't resist touching them. She bites on Ryan's cock, and he licks and suckers on her dick. As Rahyndee becomes nude, Ryan gets intimate with her, saturating her with his rock-hard cock and slamming it into her creamy pussy. He continues to use his seductive magic to satisfy Rahyndee's cravings for sex, starting slow but picking up the pace until she experiences an orgasm.
Work Out Session - S9:E26
Boy / Girl
Riley Reid, a seductive woman, is in the gym finishing her yoga poses when her boyfriend Bruce Venture shows up. They engage in a heated and intense show, with Riley opening with a blowjob and Bruce using the exercise ball to turn her on. Riley then indulges her sexual cravings, riding Bruce like a cowgirl on his dick. Bruce then buryes his face in Riley's hairy pussy, licking her velvety folds and probing her wetness. Riley then hammers on her pussy, causing Bruce to have a massive orgasm that shoots his sperm into her eager mouth, allowing her to suck every last drop. The experience is a thrilling and intense experience for Riley.
Come A Little Closer - S13:E24
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Iwia, a beautiful brunette, finds her lover Johny on the bed and enjoys playing with him. She fondles and suckers his dick, while Johny enjoys his feast. Iwia falls down on the bed, ready for more, and Johny enters her from behind. He controls Iwia's luscious snatch, establishing a steady rhythm that enhances their pleasure. Iwia rolls onto her back, extending her legs to greet her partner. Johny continues filling and fucking Iwia's creamy pussy until she is overflowing with orgasmic ecstasy. Iwia works her man's cock, hoping to repay him.
Stunning Silhouette - S13:E25
Boy / Girl
Alaina Kristar, dressed in a thong and high heels, enjoys a leisurely strip tease for her lover, Ryan Driller. They engage in a passionate exchange, with Ryan taking over the climax with his soft tongue and magic fingers. Alaina then gets on her hands and knees for a doggy-style pussy pounding, while Ryan widens his legs and slips back into her warm sheath. After a lengthy, passionate kiss, Ryan lifts Alaina up for a few blissful moments before releasing his load, covering Alaina's flat belly with his hot, sticky love.
All Of Me - S13:E23
Boy / Girl
Riley Reid, dressed in a leather halter top and tight microskirt, is given a gift by Bruce Venture for his birthday. Bruce uses Riley's gift to enchant him, tying her wrists together and securing the collar and leash around her neck. Riley pumps her hips, and Bruce pushes his cock into her, causing her to sigh in pleasure. He then spins her around, allowing her mouth to close to his dick, causing her to lick his dick. Riley experiences orgasmic ecstasy, and Bruce takes charge of their passionate exchange, setting the tempo and pounding in and out of her fuck hole until she experiences her last orgasm.
Unwrapped - S14:E18
Boy / Girl
Presley Hart returns from a shopping spree and is excited to show Logan Pierce her new bra and sheer thong. Logan approves of her and takes her off her bra. Presley samples Logan's dick and cock, then tries to use her mouth. Logan tests the dampness of Presley's shaved slit with his fingers and lips. Presley reclaims the initiative, directing the pace with her ass and hips. She gets Logan to his climax, where he shoots his sperm all over Presley's tongue and hands, leaving her to lick up.
Tasty Creampie - S14:E29
Boy / Girl
Bruce Venture and Veronica Rodriguez enjoy strawberries and whipped cream together, leading to a foreplay where Veronica takes off Bruce's bra and underwear to lick and suck his hard cock. They engage in a wild, bouncing stiffie ride, with Veronica bouncing in a seductive cadence. Bruce gives her a few sultry bounces before turning the spinner onto her hands and knees. His thrusts cause Veronica's tits to tremble in sync with her fuck hole's ecstatic pulsations, leaving her satisfied and satisfied as her orgasm rolls through her.
Join In - S8:E22
Boy / Girl
Jayden Taylors and Christina Snow decide to share Tyler Nixon instead of fighting over him, sealing their choice with a sensual kiss. They strip each other naked and perform a show for Tyler, stripping each other naked and giving him a wet blowjob. They enjoy themselves, allowing Tyler to use his tongue and teeth to delight Christina's wet snatch. Christina collapses onto the couch, and Tyler takes advantage, putting his cock in Christina's mouth and into Jayden's hairless pussy. The girls break as ecstasy devours their bodies, and Tyler approaches his breaking point.
Sexual Tension - S12:E20
Boy / Girl
Kacy Lane and her exercise partner Bruce Venture are experiencing intense sexual tension. Kacy decides to give Bruce a seductive blowout, removing her clothes and inserting two fingers into her twat-desiring area. Bruce takes a nap before lifting Kacy up and putting her down on his dick for an exhilarating ride. Kacy is brought off by their bouncing hips and hums with ecstasy. They settle into a hot and heavy 69, climaxing with a doggy-style pussy bashing. As Bruce continues his sensual assault, Kacy's cries of delight fill the room.